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Discuss your products with your prospects… and sell more!

A prospect with questions is a much better bet than an indifferent prospect. Questions are a sign that people not only have some interest in your product but also that they need an assurance that the product can fulfill their needs. With the Product Questions Magento module from aheadWorks Co. you can encourage your website visitors to interact with you to find out more about your product, thus increasing your sales conversion rate.

Today we released the 1.4 version of Product Questions which makes the extension’s work yet more stable as the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Wrong Advanced Newsletter segments fetching

  • Incorrect email address in the "Reply to" field

  • Wrong backend URL if "Add Store Code to URLs" is enabled

  • Mistakes in translation file

  • Impossible sorting of replied questions in grid

  • Wrong number of questions to display

  • Invalid transactional email code

  • Incorrect links in RSS feed if "URL rewrites" is enabled

You can find the complete information about this Magento extension – the module description, the screenshots, the frontend demo, the user guide, and the video guide – on the Product Questions page.