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Free Webinar by Aheadworks: Five Tools and One Performance Management Method

On March 15, 5-00 PM (GMT), Aheadworks holds a new webinar. This time, we will talk about ecommerce performance analytics that should be properly carried out by every web store owner.

Free Webinar by Aheadworks: Five Tools and One Performance Management Method

Five analytical tools and one performance management method


able to enhance your sales funnel 

How to sell and track results efficiently

During the webinar, our speakers will highlight the ways facilitating the actual business efficiency and the analytical tools required to increase current sales.

The upcoming event will be particularly useful for both ecommerce startups and mature businesses looking for efficient analytics and performance solutions.



Dmitry Shatkov, Aheadworks Chief Content Officer Dmitry Shatkov, Aheadworks Chief Content Officer
Artem Kuznetsov, Aheadworks Product Owner Artem Kuznetsov, Aheadworks Product Owner

Thorough monitoring of sales funnels helps merchants reasonably plan their further business strategy. Given this, the Aheadworks’ speakers will discuss the following topics:

    • Static and dynamic sales funnel models to describe your performance;


    • KPIs to evaluate you current business efficiency;


    • Suggested performance analytics and management tools;


    • Further funnel enhancements that bring more sales.

Webinar Terms

    • Free attendance;


    • Limited access;


    • Application form is required;


    • Application approval may be needed.

To sign up for the webinar, please click on this link.

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