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'Functional Testing Automation for Magento Developers' Free PDF Guide

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Any Magento extensions developer inevitably faces a situation where he gets overwhelmed by the number of product updates and the necessity to test each release.

With adding new products and following the regular updates of the Magento platform itself and the relevant online services (payment methods APIs, for instance), the amount of manual labor required to keep your extensions up-to-date gets really enormous.

But we’ve got good news for you: this labor doesn't have to be manual! Contemporary technologies allow you to shift that burden to automated entities.  Let a robot ensure top-notch quality of your products; a robot that never gets tired or bored, never loses focus, and… doesn't get paid!

Wanna know how? Make sure you download the 'Functional Testing Automation for Magento Developers’ whitepaper.

Peter Samoilov, CTO at aheadWorks, and Andrey Ivanov, Lead Test Automation Engineer, are eagerly sharing our company's own experience. The important thing is that this PDF guide provides steps on how automated testing is performed here, at aheadWorks.

This reading is primarily intended for developers and QA specialists and covers:

  • General principles of testing automation

  • Employing a Continuous Integration Server

  • Setting up a proper environment

  • Some hints on recommended tools and utilities

Whether you will adopt this model or a similar one for your own development workflow or solve the matter in any other way, you will certainly find a couple of useful hints and practical advice.

Pay with a tweet to download it for free (1.0 MB)!

NOTE: Find one more bonus prepared for a careful reader inside the guide. :)

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