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Some Tips For Efficient Use Of The Product Questions Extension

Editor's note: Prospects usually have a lot of questions about your products. They can be related to functionality, quality, price or other characteristics of the product. Answering questions about your products is the shortest way to persuade visitors to make a purchase.  Furthermore, answers to product questions solve other numerous tasks valuable both for customers and merchants.

Informational support
Online shopping has one particular feature: online customers can not touch an item and try to fill this gap by getting comprehensive information about products. Those merchants who do not provide it can’t hope for loyal attitude.

Communication is valuable in itself for some customers as it is an integral part of their purchasing pattern. Other customers just want to be sure that there is someone on the other side providing advice, technical support or refund.

The Product Questions Magento extension provides customers with all this valuable information. It can also give merchants valuable data about their customers and has several effective SEO-oriented features.

 Information for customers

Answering questions is the best argument convincing to purchase
Complete and professionally presented product information is the most convincing argument for customers to purchase from you.

Product questions perform wide range of functions
Product questions and answers work simultaneously as a product forum and reviews page. In questions and answers prospects are able to find out the pros and cons of your products and show their attitude.

<!45% of consumers will abandon their online purchase if they cannot find a quick answer to their questions>Product questions advantages (over chats and private communications)
Product Questions allows answering questions fast enough, but the answers are saved for other visitors.

Send auto-responding notifications to customers
Quick response is extremely important for building customers loyalty. According to Nielsen, 33% of customers will recommend a brand providing quick, but ineffective response and only 17% of customers will recommend a brand providing slow effective solution.


<!By 2020, the customer will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human>Most of customers are inclined to self-search of information on sites and researches definitely confirm this fact:

  • 67% of consumers use web self-service knowledge to find answers to their questions. (Source: Forrester)

  • By 2020, the customer will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human. (Source: Gartner)

  • 45% of consumers will abandon their online purchase if they cannot find a quick answer to their questions. (Source: Forrester)

  • 90% of consumers will always check a website before e-mailing or calling a company. (Source: Synthetix)

 Information for merchants

Merchants do not have to answer the same questions anew each time
Customers are usually curious about very similar things related to your products, but answering them is a time-consuming process and annoys greatly. With the Product Questions extension you should answer it only once and other prospects will read it themselves.

Placing the latest questions widget anywhere on the site<!90% of consumers will always check a website before e-mailing or calling a company>
This extension gives many chances for customers to stay updated about your products. They can subscribe to a newsletter from the “Ask a question” form or RSS feed or you can provide them with additional information placing the latest questions widget on the pages of your site. This way they can verify that the site is live and popular.

Ask questions from the backend
Using the Product Questions extension merchants are able to ask most fundamental questions about their products from the backend.

Of course, your questions and answers should be informative and useful satisfying visitors’ curiosity and giving extra information about the product. Here are the topics you can cover in your questions:

  • Terms of shipping;

  • Product availability;

  • Order specific information;

  • Customer service.

 SEO improvements

The Products Questions extension provides some valuable SEO-oriented features driving traffic to your site.

Constant content update
Constantly updated pages by customers’ questions have more chances to take high rankings in search engines.

Big enough pages
Big enough pages are comparatively better ranked by search engines than short ones.

URL rewrite
This feature adds a word “-question” to the product’s URL and thus adds new page with questions to your site. Multipage sites are usually better ranged by search engines.

Cache URL requests
This features improves a store response time by caching SEO-optimized links.

Header Title Pattern
You can specify the title of the product questions page.

Header Meta Description pattern
You can specify the description of the product question page.

SEO optimization

Parse URLs into links
This feature not only makes browsing more convenient for customers, but can also be used for internal pages cross-linking.

These three main blocks of features make the Product Questions extension an indispensable element of customer-oriented stores.

Here we have mentioned only some useful features of this module. The complete list you will find on the product page in our store. Moreover, today you can purchase this extension with a 25% discount as it is in our Hot Deals section now.