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SARP 2.0 Operates Recurring Payments in Your Magento Store without a Hitch

Editor’s note: Actually all the purchases we make during our lives may be considered as repeated ones. The SARP 2.0 Magento extension makes recurring purchases available for your customers and allows them to subscribe to products and get them on a regular basis.

New Subscriptions and Recurring Payments 2.0 has numerous features providing excellent functionality for subscriptions and recurring payments management. It’s a new generation of our Subscriptions and Recurring Payment extension, which uses native business logic of payments methods and allows you to bring your subscription program to a totally new level.

Note: SARP 2.0 is not compatible with the previous SARP versions. The module supports PayPal Website Payments Pro and ARB payment methods only.

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension for Magento

SARP 2.0 features in brief:

  • Main payment methods support

The SARP 2.0 extension supports PayPal Website Payments Pro and Authorize.Net ARB payment methods. All the payments are processed on the payment gateway side and customers can experience all the advantages of their business logic. Each website within one Magento installation has its own subscription engine which is configured in main settings.

Main Payment Methods

  • All Magento product types support

SARP 2.0 supports all Magento product types that can be sold as subscriptions: simple, downloadable, configurable, grouped, virtual, bundle.

  • Subscription engine specific options

You can settle trial periods for your subscriptions or set up an initial fee* for starting with new subscriptions.

Subscription engine specific options

  • Period-independent price

You can establish different prices for different subscription periods, including trial prices or prices for long-term cooperation.

  • Manage subscription start day

You can choose payment start date for any subscription type: the last day of each month, purchase date, certain date of a month or just let your customers define this parameter.

Manage subscription start day

  • Customizable subscription periods

Admins can determine minimal subscription intervals: day, week*, fortnight*, month and year or set up three days or two weeks or any other quantity of time units as minimal intervals. Infinite subscription type allows customers to get products within an indefinitely long term.

Customizable subscription periods

*PayPal only

  • “Only subscription” option

You can specify the products, which can be purchased only via subscription.

  • Recurring profile statistics in the admin area

Admins can check subscriptions-related information such as customer’s name, date of payment, start date, subscription’s status (active, suspended, canceled, reactivated, expired) from the backend.

  • Subscriptions in My Account

Customers can check the status of their subscriptions in My Account area.

Subscriptions in My Account

Selling subscriptions is beneficial both for merchants and customers. Buyers are spared from the necessity to perform repetitive purchases of the same goods and merchants are sure about their future sales volume.

SARP 2.0 provides exceptional simplicity and reliability for customers processing recurring purchases and gives merchants numerous options for configuration. It ensures transparency of subscriptions’ status and functioning.