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Get More Control Over the Catalog Permissions Magento Extension

Catalog Permissions

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If you want to configure the visibility of different categories, products or their prices for specified customer groups, you should install Catalog Permissions from aheadWorks. This Magento extension allows you to run more targeted marketing by customizing your product catalog.Today we release the updated version of the Catalog Permissions extension. The following issues have been fixed in version 1.3:

  • Product wasn't restricted in anchor category

  • Some customer actions caused errors in system.log

  • Issue with products which were not assigned to any category

  • Problem with products from several categories when one of them was disabled

  • Issue with 'Browse by price' filter (layered navigation)

  • Issues with search results

This release is also remarkable for the new features which make the Catalog Permissions Magento extension more flexible for configuration and give you more control over the global module settings.

Ability to redirect customer with insufficient permissions to a specific page
Since the 1.3 version, the Catalog Permissions module allows you to specify a certain page for redirection. So when your store visitors don’t have enough permissions to visit a category or a product page, they will be automatically redirected, for example, to the Contact Us or the Log In page.

Ability to display an explaining notice after redirection
Don’t make your customers feel frustrated or puzzled after redirection – show them a special notice which explains why they have been redirected and what they should do further. Your visitors will definitely appreciate such attention and care!

Notification at redirected page

Ability to display custom text instead of price
With the Catalog Permissions Magento module, you decide what your website visitors will see – the product price, the 'Out of stock' notice, the offer to log in to see the product details or any other text instead of product price.

Visit the extension page to learn more about Catalog Permissions for Magento.