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“Getting Started with Magento Extension Development”: Professional Advice for Beginners

Editor's note: Magento development is comparatively difficult and newbies need a qualified guide to pass through all the "wilds of code". Now it is possible to get all the required knowledge in one remarkable book written by a real Magento professional Branko Ajzele, CTO/Magento Certified Developer Plus at Inchoo.

To our pleasure, Packt Publishing Ltd. continues to publish useful Magento-oriented tutorials for beginners and experienced Magento developers. Today we would like to highlight the "Getting Started with Magento Extension Development" guide.

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Branko-128About the author

Branko Ajzele is a professional, certified, and highly experienced software developer, focused on e-commerce-related applications. He holds several respected IT certifications such as Zend Certified Engineer, Magento Certified Developer Plus, and JavaScript Certified Developer. He currently works as a Chief Technology Officer at Inchoo, a Magento Gold Solution partner company.

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Book Review

Target Audience

The book is intended for intermediate to advanced PHP-developers who just start working with the Magento platform. The aim of the book is to guide a reader through numerous Magento-specific patterns and configuration options, crucial for building a high-quality Magento extension.

The author inevitably has to rely on certain coding knowledge and experience of a reader. However, the good thing is that the author provides a number of quality references, so if one comes across any unfamiliar concept while reading, they will know where to start filling the gap.

Structure“Getting Started with Magento Extension Development”

The book is well-structured; it guides a reader through the process of creating a Magento extension from alpha to omega, from familiarizing with the Magento's structure and peculiarities to ready product delivery (packaging the module, distributing it via Magento Connect).

It should also be noted that the covered topics are arranged in accordance with their complexity. A reader starts with working Magento-side, and gradually passes to the matters involving integration with external services.


The author takes a practical approach to the subject - all the theoretical and explanatory passages are immediately supported with the examples of practical application. Basically, a reader finishes each chapter (with the exception of introductory and the final ones) with a ready and working Magento extension created on their own. Moreover, the book is supplied with sample code files - an owner of the book can download them for free from publisher's website.

Another important matter addressed in the book is the most frequent and typical "beginners' mistakes". Emphasis is placed on adhering to Magento's native coding practices: the author explains how to avoid clashes with other 3rd-party as well as Magento built-in modules.


In general, the book is easy to read and comprehend. The minimalistic design allows you to focus on the contents, while sufficient visual supplements are provided where it is necessary.
This book is without any doubt a good starting point for a web developer to get acquainted with the Magento Platform, and venture further into delivering Magento extensions.

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