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Gift Card / Certificate 1.1: Better Gift Cards – More Happy Customers

We continue to update and add new value to our Magento 1 products, and it's the Gift Card / Certificate extension turn today.

Gift Card / Certificate 1.1

The gift card functionality is currently much in demand, and we want our customers to get into this holiday season equipped with the latest and most efficient technology. We recently announced the release of the Gift Card extension for Magento 2, and now, just a few days later, we report the next version of the solution tailored for the Magento 1.x branch.

Gift Card / Certificate 1.1 New Features

Email Delivery Date

From now on the Gift Card / Certificate module enables customers to specify a delivery date for their purchased gift cards. It is especially useful when a gift card is being purchased long before the festive occasion. According to the functionality logic, the card will be sent to your friend on the specified date, and for virtual gift cards the expiration term will start to run from the email delivery.

Notifications about Gift Cards Created in Backend

Starting from the latest version of the extension you are able to create gift cards from the backend and send corresponding email notifications containing gift card codes to recipients. The dedicated section contains several mandatory and optional fields, including recipient’s name and email, email delivery date and message.

New Gift Card Section

New Gift Card Section

Option to Re-Send the Notification with a Gift Card Code

In those cases when the initial notification containing a gift card code is lost on the way and doesn’t reach the recipient, you are able to resend such codes manually. To this end, you need to opt the required gift cards in the Manage Gift Card table and run the Send Now mass action selected from the Actions dropdown menu.

Gift Cards Import from External Files

Use this functionality when you need to import gift cards from other Mageto stores, or third-party systems, including other gift card extensions, ERP, etc., or create gift cards in bulk. For the purpose you have to use .CSV formatted files.

Import Gift Cards Functionality

Import Gift Cards Functionality

All Fields Gift Card Export

The feature extends the existing functionality of export and enables you to download all gift card attributes, even those that do not appear in the Manage Gift Cards table, including Sender Name and Message.

Extension Functionality Disabling

If the extension's functionality is not required for certain store views, you can turn it off from the extension’s Settings section. You need to just select the Disable option from the Enabled dropdown field for a certain store view.

Gift Card General Settings

Gift Card General Settings


The holiday season is just around the corner, so the latest update of the Gift Card / Certificate extension for Magento 1 is a great chance to make the shopping experience in your store even more sophisticated and get new sales, of course.

Please refer to the complete functionality description of the extension in our store or read its specification. You can also try the new features in our demo and purchase or update the module on the Gift Card / Certificate product page.