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New POS Integration Smartly Automates Data Exchanges

The same like multiple devices erase the difference between real and virtual worlds, our shopping experience is gradually becoming an integrated practice, which naturally combines purchasing both in online and physical stores.

Today many online retailers establish brick-and-mortar stores, while most owners of physical stores have already expanded their brands and sales online through actual sales or promotions, at least. As a result, omni channel retailing is now the most trending approach to the consumer shopping experience.

Naturally, these changes need to rely on a corresponding technical background and have actual possibilities to implement them. Now, Magento store owners has a great opportunity to integrate their POS software and web store into one synergistic system effective both online and in stores.


The POS Integration Magento extension provided by our partners streamlines the data exchange and allows it to flow both from Magento to POS and back easily.

Main Functionality

The main benefit provided by this extension is that it synchronizes data in your Magento store and POS system, so you always operate a relevant information.

Most importantly, the module synchronizes your inventory and actually eliminates a chance to sell out of stock or currently processed items. This way, customers will always get the products they purchased and never complain about a poor service.

The synchronization of orders allows you to track completed orders on both sides instantly.

And last but not least, this extension saves you and your staff from multiple tiresome and time consuming manual operations, which also prevents human mistakes.

Furthermore, POS Integration is able to speed up the advent of new stores, as it allows merchants to transfer inventory data to Magento and save tons of time needed for manual filling of numerous items.

POS Software Available Options

The list of provided POS software integration options includes 11 popular POS systems and most merchants will definitely find the system they use:

    • RICS Software;


    • Quickbooks POS;


    • TylerNet;


    • Yellow Dog Software;


    • RunIt;


    • RetailEdge;


    • Tri-Technical Systems;


    • CAP Software;


    • CounterPoint;


    • Visual Retail Plus;


    • Retail Backbone.

Data for Synchronization

New Products
All new products added to your POS system will be automatically reflected in your Magento store, where you can beneficially edit their attributes, including product names, descriptions, images, etc.

Product Updates
Product updates, including price and inventory changes, provided via the POS system are automatically transferred to Magento, so you will always have there the most recent state of your inventory.

Online Orders
The orders and customers data synchronization allows you to have a holistic information regarding online and offline purchases and analyze the differences of the customers behavior.

This way, you will always have accurate inventory balances in your store and POS system. Returns are also included to the system and add products to stocks.



POS Integration will be useful for almost all omni channel businesses, as most of them operate in a fast-paced and highly competitive environment and need to correspond to this harsh conditions.

In order to purchase this extension you can refer to its product page in our store, where you can you can get even more granular information regarding its functionality.

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