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Is Everything Over After the Imagine?

aheadWorks in Las VegasaheadWorks team has been actively participating in the Imagine events for two years in a row. We've talked to a bunch of people there and realized - many of them take advantage of that opportunity to build business relations as well as to have fun, relax and stay in Vegas area for a while for some traveling.

Thanks to Magento Imagine, many guests learn more about gambling (which generally is not allowed in the United States ;)), get stunned by the majesty of giant Sequoias, enjoy fabulous waterfalls, and deserts of Grand Canyon...

As for aheadWorks team, Magento Imagine 2013 was absolutely great. We had a chance to communicate with many solution partners about our partnership program and shed some light on the recently released aheadMetricks service and OnPulse.

It was such a pleasure to meet nice folks from On Tap, Razoyo, Classy Llama, i.cube, Rocket Web, Smile, Scandiweb, Inchoo and discuss the idea of free trials for Magento Enterprise extensions. I also send personal greetings to Brent Peterson (Wagento), who turned out to be a giant geek madly in love with Magento and running.

We also traveled a lot and now are happy to share some pics from that 'Magento-style' journey. Thank you, Brent Peterson, Laura Boylan (NCR) and Jason Boslow (Razoyo) for your kind advice on what to see. :)


Have you attended the Magento Imagine? If yes, what have you seen besides Vegas? Tell us in comments!

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