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Italian Magento Stores Take Advantage of the Aheadworks Extensions

We are happy that many Magento stores prefer our extensions and find them really useful and advantageous.

But our products would certainly never became so popular without our Partners that help merchants to get professional advice and make the right choice. The result of this cooperation always brings us a lot of pleasure as we can see those convenient and capable projects operating either on local or international eCommerce markets.

Italian Magento Stores Take Advantage of Aheadworks Extensions

Today, we'd like to present you several Magento stores integrated with some Aheadworks products and developed by our Select Partner Advanced Logic.

Advanced Logic is a full-service eCommerce agency and Magento Silver Partner with a vast experience and expertise within the platform. It specializes in multi-channel ecommerce solutions and is a partner of many well-known vendors of Magento extensions and themes.


Originating in Italy, but selling to 100+ countries worldwide, Wondersmall is an online store of luxurious accessories aimed at customers looking for products that combine style, exclusivity and attention to details. The store uses three of our extensions: Follow Up Email, One Step Checkout, and Shop by Brands.

One Step Checkout
You will hardly surprise someone with the one-step-checkout functionality and experience, but it looks great each time you start the checkout procedure. The page is clean and intuitive taking only several minutes to complete a purchase.

Wondersmall One Step Checkout

Wondersmall One Step Checkout

Shop by Brand
The store also utilizes our Shop by Brand extension as far as brands are among the most important attributes of the luxury products on sale in this store.

The category Brands is placed in the main menu of the store and allows customers to access necessary collections instantly. Brand pages are provided with SEO-friendly URLs and let visitors to filter products using the layered navigation functionality exclusively within the selected brand.

Dior Brand Page

Dior Brand Page

Follow Up Email
Most Magento merchants highly appreciate an opportunity to follow customers and prospects automatically on different occasions with relevant emails. These emails can be aimed at reducing abandonment rates, providing discounts and other incentives or just wishing Happy Birthdays. Here is a example of a follow up email from Wandersmall.

Wondersmall Follow Up

Wondersmall Follow Up

One more bilingual Magento store presented by Advanced Logic specializes in organic nutritional supplements and cosmetics. It has also three of Magento 1 extensions installed mostly enhancing backstage shopping experience, including follow ups, the loyalty program and return merchandise authorization process.

Follow Up Email
The follow up email we received contained a discount coupon code available in the next three days. It seems to be a pretty convincing reason to restore the abandoned cart, isn't it?

Emporio follow up new

Emporiorganico Follow Up

Points & Rewards
The Points & Rewards extension used by is one of the central elements of their customer loyalty strategy. The functionality of the module is powerful and versatile enough allowing you to encourage customers to make more purchases and remain among your regular shoppers.

RMA is a unique self-sufficient Magento extension taking on the entire process of product returns in your store.

The company sells clothing, equipment, and accessories for fitness and dietary supplements. This Magento store has three Aheadworks extensions: AJAX Cart Pro, iPhone Theme, and Points & Rewards.

AJAX Cart Pro
AJAX Cart Pro allows customers to add products to carts just instantly from the current page and continue shopping without any disruptions.

AJAX Cart Pro in

AJAX Cart Pro in

iPhone Theme
The store looks great on mobile devices, e.g. below we provide you with the iPhone 6 view. iPhone 6 View iPhone 6 View

Points & Rewards

The above product page also displays the number of available points, if the t-short is purchased. This functionality is powered by our Points & Rewards.

And the last one for today is It has two of our products installed and benefits from iPhone Theme and Points & Rewards.

Iphone Theme
With the iPhone Theme extension the store looks good on mobile devices.

Rollprint iPhone View

Rollprint iPhone View

Points and Rewards
And it also has a clear and effective loyalty program based on the Points & Rewards module.


We are always happy to see the stores using our Magento extensions as it makes our work needful and valued. We thank Advanced Logic for the provided examples and ready to hear from you even more. So, please do not hesitate to contact us in order to highlight more great Magento stores in our blog. Let’s see how it works together.

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