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Knowledge Base 1.4: Rank Your Knowledge Better

A lot of businesses selling complicated devices and software or providing compound services like building and medical care are difficult to understand by trivial customers and new coming clients.

Knowledge Base 1.4: Rank Your Knowledge Better

In the first step to their purchase decision they have a tremendous number of questions and can heavily load your customer service seeking for the answers they need. The Knowledge Base extension is able to help product and service customers to choose the right option and avoid some obvious detail clarifications.

Possible Implementation Areas

The knowledge base can be utilized in different areas, including:

  • Clinical information systems;

  • Software knowledge bases;

  • Industrial knowledge bases;

  • Commercial information bases;

  • Multi-area expert systems;

  • Help centers;

  • Product tutorials;

  • Public knowledge bases;

  • Documentation repositories.

The Knowledge Base Magento extensionThe module provides customers with all required options for effective article search and sorting. It allows them to rate most valuable documents and improve the quality of the provided consultancy this way.

The process of integration into Magento is also thoroughly developed and refined making the module its natural and efficient part. We also pay much attention to SEO enhancements, as far as technically the knowledge base functionality is related to content distribution able to bring additional traffic to your store.

Knowledge Base 1.4 for Magento 1 Stores

So, the latest update adds two new SEO-related features to the extension's functionality.

Google Sitemap Options

All those merchants who made large and multi-page commercial knowledge bases naturally strive for having all the articles properly indexed and updated by search engines. Knowledge Base 1.4 provides you with this very opportunity and allows submitting all knowledge base URLs to a Google sitemap, including article, category and tag pages.

You can also set some instructions for Google bots, including scanning frequency and knowledge base pages priority related to other store pages.

Google Sitemap Options

Google Sitemap Options

Canonical URLs

With this new feature you can also assign canonical URLs to your knowledge base articles, make them available for Google and other search engines and avoid duplicate content this way. You can find this functionality in the URL Rewrite section.

Article Canonical URLs

Article Canonical URLs


So, if the above cases can be applied to your business the Knowledge Base extension is going to be really advantageous and even necessary for you. The latest version of the module is already available in our store for updates and purchases.

You can also make use of the provided technical documentation and look through the full functionality description.

If you have any questions regarding this extension, please contact our support team.