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Magento 2 Company Credit

Magento 2 Company Credit Use Case: Specify Credit Balance Amount to Trustworthy Companies


"As the largest furniture supplier in the country, our company enjoys a substantial network of resellers who regularly restock their inventory through our website. As a result, we aim to amplify their purchase volume further. Furthermore, upon reviewing the payment records of our partners, we have pinpointed a selection of resellers whom we can rely upon, particularly when considering credit-based payment terms."


Aheadworks B2B Company Credit Facilitates the integration of credit-based payments as an option within a Magento 2 store's payment methods. Setting up this method is straightforward, requiring the Admin's familiarity with the corresponding native Magento 2 functionality. Advancements in payment configuration encompass the ability to designate customer groups eligible for credit-based payment and establish a credit limit. Additionally, the Admin retains the flexibility to adjust the credit amount for individual customers within the eligible group and include explanatory comments for any changes made.

How it looks on the screen:

Company Credit M2

Points to Remember:

  1. Credit limit can be set for:
  • individual customers
  • groups of customers
  • companies (requires M2 Company Accounts)
  1. Credit limit currency is base currency
  2. Currencies are automatically converted for various store views
  3. Third-party credit management solutions can be supported via API
M2 B2B Company Credit

Encourage sales by offering credit to the customers you trust

Extension Features:

  • Specify credit limit for customers and groups of customers
  • Use credit as the payment method on front- and backend
  • Manage overdue credit payments
  • Get currency converted hassle-free
  • Set automatic email notifications on credit operations
  • Integrate with Company Accounts and One Step Checkout