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In our previous post we wrote about the changes that Magento 2 brought to the backend and frontend interface, and now you can explore them with your own eyes in our Magento 2 demo store.

The frontend of each store largely depends on the implemented theme, configuration and integrated extensions and can be surprisingly different from the default view. In our demo store we tried to mainly keep unchanged the default user interface to let you have an idea of the starting point you approach right after the installation.

Magento Welcome

As for the backend interface it is more static and you’ll be able to recognize the Magento 2 admin area on any store you ever visit.

Magento 2 Demo Store Backend

The first striking change of the Magento 2 backend is the changed color scheme provided for Magento admins. The blue-to-gray palette of Magento 1.x is changed to more contrast fields and blocks in black and white.

Magento 2 Demo Store Backend

The left-hand menu changed the one on the top of the page and seems to be more justified for the responsive layout.

The contents of the menu also differ, since some menu items are renamed and grouped into altered sections. For example, newsletters and price rules are moved to the new section – Marketing. Magento 2 demo also provides the Content and Stores sections, which contain intuitive functionality links. The changes above show that designers tried to group items by the spheres of activity, which is better perceived by users.

The changes are intended to improve the usability and make Magento more effective.

In order to make your own opinion regarding the usability of the Magento 2 backend, try it in our demo store.

Magento 2 Demo Store Frontend

Just like in the backend, Magento 2 changes the default color of the frontend interface. Now, it is represented in discreet gray colors with a lot of free space on the home page, where you can place banners, galleries, or anything else necessary for plentiful sales.

Magento 2 Demo Store Frontend

The catalog and layered navigation block also look neat and modern simultaneously. But, it is a matter of taste, of course, and can be easily changed with any theme you want. And, this is exactly what we love Magento for – powerful ecommerce functionality and freedom of choice.

So, if you want to touch it yourself, with your own hands, please visit our Magento 2 demo store and enjoy the great changes.