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Magento 2 Pack Builder: Get Up to 55% OFF

Aheadworks is opening the November discount season with the introduction of our super flexible Magento 2 Pack Builder. Before the year runs out our customers may expect a bunch of pleasant surprises. We are planning major product updates, Black Friday level discounts, and new buying options. And to kick the season off we are introducing our new purchasing tool – Pack Builder for Magento 2.
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Layered Navigation: Optimized vs. Unfit

Complicated navigation is among the most often reasons why visitors leave online stores. According to Statista, it stands just behind the price related drivers and total purchase refusals. In order to reduce that frustrating number of exits online retailers make considerable efforts to optimize in-store search and product filter options. But the obtained value is not always clear and some stop on the halfway without going into finer details.

Layered Navigation 1.2 for Magento 2 Simplifies Difficult Choices

How to create the best shopping experience and allow customers to find the most suitable products on the go? That’s the eternal question of ecommerce and a daydream of all shoppers. Trying to find it daily we have recently moved towards that advantageous solution with our Layered Navigation for Magento 2. And now, when the holiday sales season is just around the corner it seems to be even more timely.

Magento 2 Extension Update: Who Bought This Also Bought 1.1

Who bought this also bought is possibly the most trusted related products functionality available for Magento 2 stores. People are always curious about alternative shopping patterns since they never want to miss better options. And the fact that these product suggestions available for Magento 2 are 100% automatic makes them almost must-have for every online store.