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Magento 2 Pack: The Shortest Way to Start on Magento 2

Usually, bulk purchases are price advantageous and allow you to buy an item within cheaper than at the regular price.

But, if the product set within the bundle is fixed, it may force you to pay for unwanted items...

M2 Extension Pack

Leaving aside other cases we may say that Magento 2 Extension Pack from our company is really beneficial, because we made it that way. It allows you to choose any products you want and save.

M2 Extension Pack

General Benefits

  • High quality extensions. All the provided extensions cover only most required Magento 2 functionality areas and are compliant with the best industry practices;

  • Attractive Price. The pack allows you to purchase five Magento 2 extensions and save in average 25% + from their initial prices;

  • Freedom of choice. You can include any M2 products from our catalog to you package sets;

  • Wide range of products. Take your pick from currently existing products or any future extensions to be released in 2016.

  • One year free support services. The package deal includes 360 days of tech support and free updates.

M2 Extension Pack Customers

Starting a new store is always a challenging task especially when you pick Magento 2 to build you success on. You will certainly need several extensions to satisfy just initial functionality needs, and that is the logic we follow offering the products package option in our store.

Using our M2 Extension Pack pioneering Magento 2 owners are able to get access to some demanded products ensuring their successful launch.

Customer Success Stories

This package deal is not purely unique for our customers. Many of them have already taken advantage of this offer and found it great. Here is what Sandy van Markus,, is telling about his experience with Magento 2 and the pack:
“We sell electronic cigarettes in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe. The decision to move to Magento 2 was made because we liked the provided functionality and interface of the new platform.

Furthermore, we found that Aheadworks already have an essential number of really great M2 extensions complemented with quality support services. So, the choice of Magento 2 extensions provider was just simple.

M2 Extension Pack was a good price option considering all the included extensions. We do not currently use them all, but anyway the pack is a good solution. It looks even more beneficial with the included extended support, which is great at Aheadworks. They provide you with a lot of technical expertise and here you have a lot of nice people to talk to.”

How does It Work

  • Purchase the pack;

  • Choose any 5 existing or upcoming extensions from our Magento 2 catalog;

  • Contact our support to download the selected extensions.

Offer Details

  • Valid until July 1st;

  • Spreads on all existing M2 products, future extensions to be released in 2016, and all M2 partner modules;

  • Entitles you to download extensions till the end of 2016;

  • Includes free installation;

  • Includes 360 days of tech support and free updates;

  • Ensures a personal account manager;

  • Available for $1300 for new CE customers;

  • $2500 for new EE customers;

  • Provides 30% OFF the above prices for current M1 customers (coupon: M2PACK).


We believe that package deals are the most advantageous option for newborn Magento 2 online stores. High-quality products, good prices, and free choice are the shortest way to equip a store with primarily needed functionality extensions and start sales.

We ensure high quality of our extensions through the included integration tests, efficient backend and frontend interfaces, responsive design and mobile tailored usability, performance testing, PCI DSS compliance, detailed technical documentation, etc.

Please contact us on any questions and opt for the M2 Extension Pack or refer to our Magento 2 tutorial.