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8 New Magento 2 Extensions by Nucleus in Our Catalog

Magento 2 continues to gather momentum, and the entire community continues to follow it.

Recently, we partnered with Nucleus Commerce – a software company dedicated to creating solutions for merchants on the Magento platform. Through our partnership with Nucleus, we added 8 extensions to our portfolio. These Magento 2 plugins are now available in our store.

Thus, our Magento 2 catalog encounters 21 extensions and, as we have already mentioned, all the provided extensions are also valid for M2 Extension Pack, so we’ve almost doubled your selection range.

Nucleus Extensions


The Nucleus Elements extension for Magento 2Nucleus Elements

The Nucleus Element extension for Magento 2 is the best way to create content on M2. Nucleus Elements features a drag-and-drop interface that empowers you to create content quickly and easily without the need for deep development knowledge. With over 400+ quick-deploy Elements located in the Elements UI library you will be inspired to create new content or offer a fresh layout for old copy.

With Nucleus Elements you can create static blocks and full pages to be deployed anywhere you like. Start creating content weeks or even months in advance and choose when you want to deploy your content. Nucleus Elements makes editing your content efficient - with constant preview you can see the edits as you make them.

Nucleus Elements Backend Content Editing

Nucleus Elements Backend Content Editing

The module is a plug-and-play software product and requires no installation or configuration. For more information refer to the Nucleus Elements product page.

The Mega Menu extension for Magento 2Mega Menu

The Mega Menu extension for Magento 2 improves your store navigation, user experience, and allows you to use your menu as a promotional and branding tool.

Simplify your menu with Mega Menu. Mega Menu has a responsive design and allows merchants to display second and third level categories on one menu. With Mega Menu you can place images of related products, promotions, and branding images within the menu and even lead customers to specific pages with background target links.

Below are the options available when setting up your Mega Menu:

    • Including a category to the navigation menu. To include a certain category in your Mega Menu, you just need to select ‘Yes’ in the Include in Navigation Menu drop-down;


    • Choosing menu styles. In the Main navigation menu style field select Mega-menu with Background Image;


    • Choosing menu background. Next you can select a background image for the menu if the Mega-menu with Background Image option was previously selected;


    • Adding a link. Additionally, you can add a target link to your background image for branding or promotional purposes.

Mega Menu Backend Configuration

Mega Menu Backend Configuration

For more information refer to the Mega Menu product page.

The Barcodes extension for Magento 2Barcodes

The Barcodes extension for Magento 2 enables you to place scanable barcodes on packing slips displaying order and/or shipping IDs. This functionality streamlines and accelerates the order fulfillment process and allows you to avoid manual errors while handing key order numbers.

Barcodes options are easily managed in the Magento 2 Dashboard under Stores>Configuration>Sales>PDF Print-outs. Enable the functionality in the Display Order ID in Header drop-down field and select Shipping ID, Order ID or both to be displayed on package slips.

Packing Slips with Barcodes

Packing Slips with Barcodes

For more information refer to the Barcodes product page.

The Customer Group Restrictions extension for Magento 2Customer Group Restrictions

Customer Group Restrictions allows you to settle payment method restrictions for separate customer groups. For example, you can provide Wholesale customers with the Purchase Order payment method and hide it from retail shoppers.

Once installed, you need to select a target group under Stores -> Customer Groups and disallow all necessary payment methods inside the selected group.

Custome Group Restrictions

Retailer Group Payment Methods Setup

For more information refer to the Customer Group Restrictions product page.

The Quick Login & Register extension for Magento 2Quick Login & Register

Quick Login & Register provides customers with a seamless login experience without disrupting the user experience by redirecting them to a new page. This extension allows customers to login or register on any device and continue browsing without be redirected to a registration or login page.

Quick Login & Register can be setup in minutes. Login Options are placed under Stores -> Configuration -> Customers -> Customer Configuration -> Login Options and require only choosing between two options: Redirect Customer to Account Dashboard after Logging in or not. If ‘Not’ is selected, customers will stay on the current page.

Frontend Customer Login View

Frontend Customer Login View

For more information refer to the Quick Login & Register product page.

The Subcategory Listing extension for Magento 2Subcategory Listing

The Subcategory Listing extension for Magento 2 improves navigation and helps guide customers through complex product catalogs by displaying subcategories on category pages. This helps customers narrow down their search instead of looking through pages of products that might be irrelevant to their search.

The frontend view of a sub category listing is customizable and allows you to create individual listing styles for different categories. Once installed, each subcategory gains the new Sub-category Listing tab, which includes several configuration options:

    • Thumbnail. Add a thumbnail to the displayed subcategory;


    • Include in Listing. This option includes the subcategory on the category page;


    • Max Sub-categories per Row. You can display up to 7 subcategories on category pages;


    • Listing Location. The option allows you to place subcategories either Below Category Header or Above Product Grid.

Adding Subcategories to Category Pages from Backend

Adding Subcategories to Category Pages from Backend

For more information refer to the Quick Login & Register product page.

The Page Title Override extension for Magento 2Page Title Override

Page Title Override improves SEO on product and category pages by overriding the copy in H1 tags. Add rich long tail keywords to your product and category H1 tags without impacting the way products and categories are displayed elsewhere on your site.

Easily manage page titles under category and products pages in the admin panel. Find the product or category page you would like to override the title for and add your new title to the ‘Product Detail Page Title Override’ or ‘Category View Page Title Override’ fields accordingly.

Overriding H1 Tags on Product Pages

Overriding H1 Tags on Product Pages

For more information refer to the Page Title Override product page.

The Product Content and Widgets extension for Magento 2Product and Content Widgets

Product and Content Widgets extension provides you with two widgets that will allow you to create beautiful and responsive product carousels and content slideshows for Magento 2.  The Product Carousel Widget allows you to create highly customized carousels featuring products as well as product data anywhere on your site. CMS Slideshow Widget allows you to display CMS static blocks in a customized slideshow.

The Content Slideshow Widget configuration enables you to select the CMS blocks you want to be displayed in your slideshow, add Prev/Next navigation links to sliders, and set additional display options, including Auto-play, Auto-play timeout, pause on hover, etc. In the catalog Products Carousel Widget you can hide the product areas to be displayed, sort products by IDs, product names or randomly, and set additional options, including scroll options, pager options, enhanced navigation links and more.

Backend Widget Options

Backend Widget Options

For more information refer to the Product and Content Widgets product page.

The detailed information on the extensions above is available in our Magento 2 store.