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Magento Connect February 2013: What Do We End Up With This Winter Season?

Winter is gone and spring is already here. The weather is getting nicer, daylight slowly increases, animals come out of their winter hideouts… March, originally the first month of the Roman calendar, takes over the reigns. It’s a perfect time for new beginnings, the rebirth of nature and February Magento Connect statistics.

Magento Connect February Statistics 2013

In February we can observe the growth of extensions for the following four categories.

• Category & Product Page Enhancements (+ 21)

This leadership is not accidental. Website is the face of any company: its usability and visibility are among the top reasons making visitors stay longer. No surprise that development companies pay much attentions to the extensions aimed at attracting clients and maximizing potential sales.

The most popular extensions in this category allow adding information tabs and banners on home and product pages, reducing server load and increasing your conversion rate.

A curious thing - this category is a constant dominator throughout the past and present years. Developers are really stuck to it, aren't they? ;)


• Catalog (+18)

Merchants do their best to build better online stores. The extensions of this category are indispensable for marketing, merchandising, business management and fulfillment of these stores.

The most demanded features there - the admin product management grid enhancements and a new administration tab for all products.

• Payments & Gateways (+18)

eCommerce without orders is nonsense. Payments & Gateways functionality makes order management easier. Therefore, the position of this category as one of February leaders is not astonishing at all. Top extensions allow customers to enter one or more bank accounts in the payment configuration, book additional fee on delivery and shop on-site with their own online banking info.

• Shopping Cart (+18)

The shopping cart helps increase your traffic rates. Presented extensions provide tools for adding extra payment systems and discount options, implementing the trusted seller rating for your Magento store, filtering different payment methods and simplifying the checkout process in general.

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