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Magento Events 2014

It goes without saying that one must keep pace with the latest news and trends to succeed in modern world, and in eCommerce world in particular.

But where to get these news from? What is the best place to hear important announcements, get insider information, establish beneficial relations?

The most obvious answer is attending specialized conferences. At the moment, everybody is getting ready for the upcoming Imagine Conference, surely the most important Magento event in existence. Being a Gold Sponsor of this conference, aheadWorks welcomes everyone to stop by our booth in Las Vegas.

Moreover, we have prepared something special, related to the Imagine Conf, for our fans and followers - just subscribe to our Blog to learn when the details are revealed.

But besides Imagine, there're plenty of other important events in Magento ecosystem. The problem is that these events are scattered across the world - and across web. It is somewhat hard to keep track of them all.

To help you with that, we have compiled a reference list of the most interesting and promising Magento and IT events for 2014. Make sure to bookmark this page, and check it back - new events get confirmed and announced daily, and we will be updating this post with new entries as soon as any news appear.

*Updated on March, 25th: 3 new Meet Magento events have been recently confirmed, the dates are added to the list.


Nature flourishes in Spring, and so does Magento community. The number of major events and conferences scheduled for Spring 2014 is incredible, lucky is the one who has a chance to attend them all!

Dates Event Location
March 3-4 Meet Magento Spain Madrid, Spain
March 3-6 eTail West San Antonio, USA
March 5-6 Dx3 Toronto, Canada
March 7-8 CMS Africa Summit Nairobi, Kenya
March 10-14 CeBIT Hannover, Germany
March 11-12 Retail Business Technology Expo London, UK
March 18-20 eCommerce One to One Monaco
March 25 Bargento São Paulo São Paulo, Brazil
March 26-27 Internet Retailing Expo Birmingham, UK
May 5-7 eTail Canada Toronto, Canada
May 12-13 Meet Magento Germany Leipzig, Germany
May 12-14 Imagine eCommerce Conference Las Vegas, USA
May, 21-22 Meet Magento Netherlands Utrecht, Netherlands


Summer is the time for recreation and relaxation, but by no means can Summer 2014 be called a 'dead season'. The events may not be large in number, but they are hot!

Dates Event Location
June 3-4 Meet Magento Italy Milan, Italy
June 10-13 IRCE Chicago, USA
July 14-15 Magento Live UK London, UK
July 21-24 Online Retailer Australia Sydney, Australia


So, the vacation time is over, and it's time to get back to business! Magento community has an impressive set of exciting events coming Autumn 2014.

Dates Event Location
September 10-11 DMEXCO Cologne, Germany
September 13 Meet Magento Romania Cluj-Napoca, Romania
September 18-19 K5 Conference Munich, Germany
September 20 Meet Magento Russia Moscow, Russia
September 23-25 eCommerce Paris Paris, France
Sept., 29 - Oct., 1 Retail's Digital Rush ( Summit) Seattle, USA
October 1-2 eCommerce Expo London London, UK
October 6 Meet Magento Brasil Sao Paulo, Brazil
October 13-14 Magento Live Germany Munich, Germany
November 13-14 Magento Live Australia Australia

Dates Event Location
DMEXCO Cologne, Germany September 10-11
K5 Conference Munich, Germany September 18-19
eCommerce Paris Paris, France September 23-25
Retail's Digital Rush ( Summit) Seattle, WA, USA September, 29 - October, 1
eCommerce Expo London London, UK October 1-2
Magento Live Australia Australia November 13-14