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Magento Hackathon in Berlin: Coding like Mad in Just 3 Days

Magento Imagine, MagentoLive, local Magento meetups…They are all great for general audience, interested in Magento this way or that. But what if you are a real coder with a strong desire to learn every single facet of Magento and its PHP base? Then the Magento Hackathon in Berlin will definitely draw you attention.

The first Mage Hackathon in Berlin will be held 3 days from now – on January 11 and last till January 13. aheadWorks is glad to be the part of it and support this event distantly as much as we can.

'Learning Magento was hard at the beginning. I still find new angles of Magento everyday and it is fun. As soon as you've worked your way into it, you can do anything with Magento,' - Fabian Blechschmidt admits. Fabian is a Magento developer and enthusiastic organizer of the Berlin Hackathon, and recently I got the chance to have a small talk with him.

Fabian BlechschmidtFabian began his experience with Magento in April 2011 thanks to an agency he was thrown into. In 2004 he started with PHP and since 2008 has been working as a freelancer. At the moment he does only Magento job (connecting APIs, extending functionality), which bring him a lot of joy.

He has attended the Imagine eCommerce Conference, Meet Magento Germany and the Magento Developers Paradise on Ibiza, but, as he noted, their schedule consisted more of networking and meeting new great people than actual coding.
Fabian: 'A Hackathon is something between a conference with workshops and a casual get together. During the day programming and presentations are on schedule, in the evening it's time to let your hair down, get yourself a beer and make new friends and have fun with the old ones.'

According to Fabian, it is easy to organize a Hackathon. The community is grateful and fast with paying their bills, so organizers don't have to pay things in advance by themselves. Normally, only the after-party on Friday and location/meals on Saturday and Sunday have to be organized.

Fabian tries to attract more young people with lower prices and a youth hostel and by now he expects around 35 participants to show up.

From our side, we would like to grant all participants souvenirs serving as reminders of the Berlin Hackathon. This fancy and jolly mousepads are already waiting for Magento coders.

Mousepads from aheadWorks

Moreover, we will present developers the €50 discount coupon code for all our products in our store. It will be activated on January 11 and stay valid till February 1.

See you there!