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Magento in the People. The Most Interesting Fragments of the Interviews Posted in Our Blog

Editor's note: Magento is so widely extended that it is hard to estimate the number of people associated and involved in it. In our blog we interviewed a lot of brilliant persons who told us with passion about Magento and now is the time to recall and get inspired by their most remarkable quotes.

Keren AminiaAbout Magento Products
Keren Aminia: My favorite Magento product is Magento Community Edition.  It has changed the world of online commerce more than any other shopping cart.  From the outset, it has created tremendous opportunities for developers and merchants to enter the world of ecommerce and to grow thriving businesses with minimal investment.

About Magento Community We have had a few problems during our time with Magento, but they have all been solved with ease. The Magento community is very helpful and has helped us with any issues that we have had. It may seem a little slow to begin with, but, with some tuning, it can run at very fast speeds. Our recommendation would be to choose Magento and never look back.

Starting with Magento
Allard Bax: I would have a general advice for people who start an online shop. Be serious with it. Magento is a powerful tool but it takes time, dedication and some money to grow your online business. If you are serious about starting an online business then use a serious platform like Magento.

Tom RobertshawAbout Magento Events
Tom Robertshaw: Under my belt I have Magento Imagine, Magento Live UK, Meet Magento Netherlands, Mage Hack UK as well as bringing Magento knowledge to my local eCommerce and tech forums.

In terms of ranking, it depends what you’re looking for. For developers, the hacks are the best. You’re focused on experimenting and pushing the boundary in a certain area. I’m also very grateful to the people that commit their time to the bugathons.

For the decision makers and the consultants I’d really recommend Magento Imagine to get a good understanding of where Magento has come in the last year and also a feeling for what its focus is going to be for the next year.

Miguel Ignacio BalpardaAbout Magento in Argentina
Miguel Ignacio Balparda: Magento is quite well-known in Argentina and is expanding rapidly. It’s the reality now that several biggest retailers in Argentina use Magento. Fravega is among them, being launched on Magento EE...

The community is growing at a strong pace and companies are choosing Magento over other solutions due to its flexibility and scalability.

Matthias ZeisAbout Magento in Austria
Matthias Zeis: When I started working with Magento in 2009, none of our clients in Austria knew this platform. They simply asked for a web store. We evaluated requirements and recommended them Magento, if it was the right choice. We had to give them good reasons why they should go with this young platform they never heard of. They usually gave a thought and agreed.

Fast forward to 2012. Nowadays most of the clients don’t ask for just a web store: they want specifically Magento store. It’s us now who take over the role of skeptics, asking “Why do you want to use Magento? What are your requirements?”

Andre GugliottiAbout Magento in Brazil
Andre Gugliotti: Magento is popular in every part of the world. Brazilian market is a huge one, but still at a beta stage, walking fast to the stable level. So does Latin American market. This means there are many opportunities for those who want to work hard and think out of the box.

After almost 20 years of economic stability people now can afford stuff that theirs parents couldn’t. Many households have PCs, tablets and smartphones and shop online without fear of being cheated or mugged. Dozens of new stores are opened every day and they require professionals to work on them.

Guido JansenAbout Magento in Netherlands
Guido Jansen: Despite the economy being at a low point, eCommerce is still growing in the Netherlands. There’s a great interest in the Netherlands for Magento and related services. For instance, if you use Google Insights to track interest for “Magento” in the last 12 months, you’ll see the Netherlands on top.

The difficulty in our region is to sell outside the boarders of the Netherlands. International legislation, logistics and customers are often focused on buying from within their own country, and that can be a challenge for foreign eCommerce companies.

The great thing about the Netherlands is that the average wages are high and many people have access to 3 or more internet-enabled devices. Shopping online is a regular thing to do for a large percentage of the population. 

Kuba ZwolinskiAbout Magento in Poland
Kuba Zwolinski: Polish eCommerce industry is growing very fast. Most of economists claim that all the best is still to come. That’s why Magento’s position is also becoming very significant in our country.

Magento seems to be the perfect solution for many online businesses and this is how we came up with the idea of opening this growing eCommerce world to merchants. What I like the most about Magento is its level of “self-development” if I can say so.

Hirokazu NishiAbout Magento in Japan
Hirokazu Nishi: Not long ago a lot of Japanese merchants demanded Magento to suit a specific Japanese mobile theme (it’s not actually a theme, but also an extension). To meet their request, we had to rewrite many classes and test many various devices. But now they do not need such features anymore, so we can propose them to use Magento.

Why Magento Back in 2010, when we began the development of our store we faced the problem of choosing a platform. We carefully analyzed pros and cons of existing ecommerce platforms and the decision fell to Magento. It was the best platform existing on the market at that time.

Magento can handle a huge amount of products and orders without any problems and the customization of the look and feel is also easy.

Brent PetersonAbout Magento and Other Platforms
Brent Peterson: Now I realize how open platform, self hosted website can be so flexible and allow the end user to make a solution that truly fits their needs. We have looked at some SAAS based commerce platforms, but, so far, we have found nothing that can compare with Magento.

About Magento EE to Magento Enterprise from CE was a decision we have been wrestling with for over the past 12 months. Ultimately it came down to the Enterprise full page caching, Solr site search integration, and a more stable platform that could grow with us.

Site speed and site search is critical for our customers satisfaction, and with combined SKUs of over 110,000 between and within our Magento installation, it became a simple choice.

Kara MangiereAbout Leaders and Followers
Kara Mangiere: Going through a full platform shift to Magento or even just integrating Magento extension can be a great challenge to those comfortable with the status quo. As Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”.

Conclusion Just keep doing what you are already doing and always look what the best for your customer.

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