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Meet 5 Winners of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide" Contest

Last month we organized a giveaway of the “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide”. We received a lot of feedback from our Blog readers and it's really great - thanks to all of you!

We took all your comments for both posts (the “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” review and contest) and randomly selected 5 readers. They got free digital copies of this Magento tutorial. So meet the winners:

Kamil Borkowski,

Miguel Ignacio Balparda,

Mario SAM,

Yogesh Sharma,

Susan Kieser,
the USA

In a private conversation, it turned out that almost all of them are Magento developers - no wonder taking into account the contest prize ;) I wish “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” will help you improve your Magento knowledge!

As 4 of the winners are our regular Blog readers, I asked them what they would like to read in our Blog about. Here are their answers:

Kamil: "About some custom development solutions, some ideas, tutorials, examples."

Miguel: "Regarding the blog, I think more technical articles will be really good for developers!"

Mario: "You could show good development standards models for Magento, and how it can help in time to take a certification."

Yogesh: "I would like to read articles about eCommerce logistics, different integrations and of course Magento."

Susan: "Out of the box ideas or unusual ways to utilize the different extensions."

Thank you for your ideas! We'll definitely consider them when planning our future posts.