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The Add Free Product to Cart Magento Extension Caters Customers with Pleasant Gifts

People like different kinds of surprises. Promotions, when customers get free products after placing an order, give such pleasure to them. Little presents become positive experience for customers and they don’t hesitate to return to the store.

The Add Free Product to Cart Magento extension allows the store manager to set up numerous rules and add free products to shopping carts automatically. Promotions must be updated from time to time, because customers get used to them.

The module gives merchants a possibility of creating such promotions as “Buy a TV-set & Get 2 Years Free Service”, “Buy 3 Items and Get 50% Discount on Sony DVD Player” or “Spend $100 & get Samsung Mobile Phone with Free Delivery”.

With Add Free Product to Cart, merchants can give products for free or suggest getting them with a specified discount. The information about these items appears in the form of a pop-up or products are added to the cart without any notice. What can be more attractive for a customer than getting goods for free?

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Add Free Product to Cart

The module possesses the following features:

Adding gift products to the cart automatically
Surprise your clients by suggesting them to get an item for free or at discounted price. The module adds admin-specified products to the shopping cart, when qualifying conditions are met.

Adding gifts products

Unlimited number of rules
Create numerous rules, set conditions for them and gladden customers by sudden gifts.

Unlimited number of rules

Convenient price management of a product which is auto-added to cart
Apply any discount to auto-added items. If its value is 100%, the product is free.

Convenient price management

Free of charge gift delivery
Define whether the shipping of added product will be free or paid.

Gift delivery

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