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Aheadworks Minifier for Magento 2

Improve website performance and increase conversions with Aheadworks Minifier for Magento 2

It happens that many of us so desperately look for some extraordinary ways to improve SEO and forget about an obvious one - fast page load. According to the research, about 40% of customers abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. In such a case, sales and conversion rates are affected dramatically. One of the most effective ways to speed up page load and improve website performance is image optimization. With Minifer for Magento 2 you can optimize your store in a few clicks without any technical knowledge!

Minifier for Magento 2 is designed to compress graphic elements reducing their size (Mb) and making your shop work faster while having no perceptible impact on the image quality. All you have to do is to specify optimization parameters and enjoy the result.

In this blog post we are going to discuss the following features in details:

  • Types of compression
  • Smart page prefetch
  • Improved SEO

Types of compression

Minifier for Magento 2 offers two ways to reduce the size and save image quality:

  • Lossless compression (up to 30% image size reduction)
  • Lossy compression (up to 70% image size reduction)

Choosing Lossless compression, you sacrifice just a small amount of the image quality, not noticeable to the human eye. In the case of Lossy compression, the images are optimized to the extreme without changing a single pixel.

quality pictures

Smart page prefetch

Enhance the shopping experience by enabling page prefetching. Minifier for Magento 2 will track when a user is about to click a link on your shop and load that link in the background before the user clicks on it. This way your browser will start loading the next page even before the user clicks the link, making it load faster.

automatic optimization

Improved SEO

Minifier for Magento 2 boosts organic traffic and improves your Google Search Result rankings by performing file name optimization and converting files to JPG. Image titles and file names are automatically generated according to SEO recommendations to become appealing for search engines. As a result, your site outperforms competitors and attracts wider audiences that use Google Image Search.

SEO friendly

Check more information about Minifier for Magento 2 and take a chance to boost your website performance.