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More Security for Your Emails and Improved Positioning of Static Blocks. Welcome Advanced Newsletter and Z-Blocks Updates

Recent days were abundant in updates and we are glad to notify you about them. We start from our two really valuable extensions: Advanced Newsletter and Z-Blocks.

The Advanced Newsletter Extension for Magento

Advanced Newsletter

The Advanced Newsletter extension allows you to obtain great power and desirable flexibility over your email marketing activities and carry them out efficiently. This module allows you to enhance subscribers base, create exclusive mailing lists, segment subscribers by multiple attributes, create individual e-mail templates, give more security to your subscribers, send emails from any SMTP server, and much more. The new 2.4 version of the Advanced Newsletter extension comprises several great features.

New Features

"Email doesn't look nice? View it in your browser" variable
When creating an email template, you can insert the above  variable into its content. It contains an external link, which allows your recipients to open the email in their browsers to be sure they did not miss any valuable information.

View the Email in Your Browser


View the Email in Your Browser

Add SSL to SMTP Configuration
We've added one more cryptographic protocol for advanced security of your emails. You can choose it in the Advanced Newsletter -> SMTP Configuration - > Add New -> Fields -> Use TLS or SSL drop-down list.

Add SSL Protocol


Add SSL Protocol

Possibility to sort subscribers by group
This feature allows you to filter subscribers by their group assignment from the backend in the Advanced Newsletter -> Subscribers section.

Sort Subscribers by Group


Sort Subscribers by Group


The Z-Blocks extension for Magento


The Z-Blocks Magento extension allows you to change your store layout without any changes in layout files. You can place static blocks containing any promotional or service information on any page of your site and set up any display intervals. Check the recent update of this module.

Z-Blocks v.2.4 New Features

‘Catalog only’ position for blocks
We’ve extended the blocks placement and now you can choose between Catalog and Product, Product Only, and Catalog Only block positions in the General Information section. Forget about creation any complicated rule conditions to show blocks in catalog only.

'Catalog Only' Blocks Position


The 'Catalog Only' Block Position

‘Show in subcategories’ option
The ‘show in subcategories’ option gains even more value as now it allows you to choose more options to display blocks: on subcategory pages, on category pages and subcategory pages, or even on category, subcategory and product pages simultaneously.

Show in Subcategories' Option


The 'Show in Subcategories' Option

You can update or purchase these extensions on their pages in our store.

P.S. We constantly look for new ideas for our updates and always ask our customers and prospects leave their comments about the features they miss in our products. We try to implement all the requests into ready-made functionality. Please ask for new features you need on forum and we’ll be happy to revise them and add to our products.