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More than Five Years of Excellent Search. Search Autocomplete and Suggest is Updated to the 3.4 Version

The history of the Search Autocomplete and Suggest Magento extension starts in January 2009 when the first release of this extension was introduced.

Magento Search Autocomplete and Suggest

Search Autocomplete and Suggest is one of the first aheadWorks modules, but we constantly improve its functionality and add new useful features, and the current 3.4 version of the extension is refined by next two of them:

3.4 Version Features

Backend Features Configuration

Backend Features Configuration

Show suggested keywords
This option shows keywords suggestions in the dropdown list based on customers' search terms. Customers can choose one of the suggested keywords and complete the search by the most relevant results.

Suggested Keywords Option

Suggested Keywords Option

All results button
This option adds ‘All results’ button to the bottom of the dropdown list. When visitors click this button they are taken to the standard Search Results page, which displays all search results.

'All Results' Button

'All Results' Button

Other Module’s Features

Instant search
The module offers search results after the third character entered by customers.

Search by any product attribute
Search is available by numerous product attributes: product name, description, SKU, meta data, etc.

Customizable search item layout
The dropdown list of search results is highly-customizable as you can specify product name, price, thumbnail, and short description there. Moreover, all these elements are fully configurable, including thumbnail dimension, and will perfectly fit your store layout.

Set up text messages of the search result list
You can insert your original text into the header and footer of the search results page or specify a message in the dropdown list, if nothing was found.

Integration with the Advanced Search extension by aheadWorks
Integration of these two modules allows you to enable Sphinx search engine to carry out the quick search instead of the Search Autocomplete and Suggest own scripts.

More Features

  • Limit items displayed in the dropdown list;

  • Sort search results in alphabetical order;

  • Hide ‘Out of Stock’ products;

  • Fully customizable look;

  • Powered with AJAX;

  • Search by tags;

  • Open search result link in a new window;

  • Customizable search delay;

  • Preloader picture;

  • Translation support;

  • The module adds only new features without breaking or replacing store’s original functionality

  • Uses 100% pure JavaScript and CSS, no flash or other embedded content.

An effective and relevant search is one of the factors, which reduces site abandonment and converts your visitors into customers. The Search Autocomplete and Suggest extension has already proved its efficiency by long-term popularity among Magento store owners and multiple successfully completed searches.

So, don’t miss a chance to make your store more convenient and helpful for customers - purchase or update this search extension in our Magento store.

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