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The New Multishipping Extension Creates Multi-Shipping Orders in One Go

Native Magento multi-shipping functionality is powerful and intuitive and allows customers to create orders containing several shipping addresses easily. However, Magento admins can’t enjoy the same convenience of the process in the backend. If the flow of your offline orders is heavy, they undoubtedly spend much time transferring such orders to Magento.

The thing is that Magento does not provide any tailored backend multi-shipping functionality and admins are forced to create separate orders for each shipping address, even when those products are ordered by the same customer.

We all know that time is priceless, but in business it usually has an absolutely certain cost. So, if you agree to save your admins several hours per week and some hundred dollars for yourself, read about the new Magento extension provided by our partners - Multishipping.

Main Features

Backend Multi-Shipping Orders
The module significantly streamlines the creation of multi-shipping orders from the backend.

When Magento admins are inclined to create an order with multiple shipping addresses, they just click the “Create New Multiship Order” button in the Orders section and since then are able to assign multiple addresses to each and any product of the order seamlessly.

Orders Grid


Orders Grid

As a result, the module splits products by shipping locations and creates the corresponding number of regular Magento orders automatically.

Shipping Date Selector and Orders Processing
The Multishipping extension also includes a neat calendar-type shipping date selector, which allows you to schedule shipping dates in addition to ASAP conditions. In those cases when the shipping date is designated for future periods, you can set up several possible scenarios of the order processing provided in the Configuration section.

Extension Settings


Extension Settings

You can either hide the Ship button from the Order View grid, or hold the order until the appointed date, or both. All these actions prevent shipping or order processing prior to the date of shipment.

Note: This functionality requires cron job configuration.

Other Features

    • Adds Shipping Date selector to both front- and backend;


    • Adds Shipping Date column to backend Orders grid;


    • Adds Shipping Date value in the order overview (for both backend and frontend).

Perhaps small still helpful, the Multishipping Magento extension is able to save time and make your backend routine a bit more comfortable and joyful.

Please visit the product page of Multishipping in our store and find out the comprehensive description of the extension’s functionality or download the User Guide. You can also refer to our demo stores in order to test the module in practice.

Any comments or questions regarding the extension are much appreciated. You can ask them in comments below.
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