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Order Tags ver. 1.4 Provides Comfortable and Clear Orders Organization

The more orders you have the more profit you get – it’s simple math. But multiple orders ae usually associated with the sophisticated backend order management and require much time and efforts starting from the very beginning – orders search and prioritizing.

The Order Tags Magento extensionThose Magento admins who face this challenging issue naturally come to the idea of a smart and convenient orders organization in order to streamline the process.

The Order Tags Magento extension from our partners is a very useful solution in those very cases and allows you to arrange orders wisely using various custom order tags, either manually or automatically.

Recently the module was updated to the 1.4 version and obtained several useful features and enhancements.

New Features

Individual Tags for Each Store View
The latest version of the extension entitles Magento admins to set up individual tags for each store view and, thus, makes the management of orders even more intuitive and simple. For this purpose each tag has the Store View attribute, which is settled during each new tag creation and can be further changed at your discretion.

Individual Tags for Each Store View

Individual Tags for Each Store View

Orders Include Tag Tabs
Order Tags ver. 1.4 allows admins to edit previously created and assigned tags directly from the Order View page without the need to browse to the Orders Grid. This feature saves time and makes the process of orders tagging more natural and fast.

Order Row Style Settings
In those cases when you need to draw even more attention to certain types of orders you can settle a style for the entire order row in the Orders grid. It makes certain orders greatly eye-catching that no Magento admin is able to pass them by.

Order Row Styles

Order Row Styles

This feature adds the “Grid Row Style” field to the Fields section of the Tag Information tab and allows you to configure order row styles of certain tags.

Note: If an order contains several tags, the row style is taken from the tag with the highest priority.

Orders Grid Performance
The latest version of the extension delivers better performance of the Orders grid due to the improvements made to the MySQL data processing.

If you think that the Order Tags extension may be useful for your Magento store, please navigate to the product page of this module and walk through the detailed description of its functionality and facilities. You can also visit our knowledge base or download the FAQ document and learn even more or try the module in action in our demo store.

Any questions or comments on the Order Tags module are much appreciated. Please provide them in comments below.
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