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New Social Login for Magento 2 Simplifies the Login Process

Social networks became part of us and most people can’t imagine their lives without likes, statuses, selfies, virtual friends, endless tweeting, and browsing multiple photos, messages, and “smart” quotes.


Social networking is just natural for the overwhelming majority of people. According to Statista, social network penetration is above 75% in some countries for the general population and up to 100% for certain demographic groups.

This particular behavior can be beneficially exploited to streamline shopping experience in Magento 2 stores during very first registrations, login processes or checkouts. So, the newly released Social Login extension for Magento 2 enables customers to login to stores using their social network accounts.

The Social Login extension for Magento 2Social Login for Magento 2 Functionality

My Social Accounts

On the frontend the module adds a number of social networks login buttons on Customer Login, Create New Customer Account, Shopping Cart, and Checkout pages.

As soon as a customer registers using one of the provided options (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn), he will be able to manage preferred social accounts. The My Social Accounts section of the My Account area allows adding new or deleting existing social networks.

My Social Accounts Area

My Social Accounts Area

Social Network API Credentials

The configuration process behind the scenes contains two stages: Magento 2 backend settings and social networks app registration. Before you proceed to the extension instore backend configuration you need to connect your store with social networks via APIs. The process of getting social networks API keys and access tokens is detailed in the Readme file of the extension. Please refer to it right after the installation of the M2 Social Login extension.

General Configuration

The backend configuration is better to start with general extension settings located here: Stores -> Configuration -> aheadWorks extensions -> Social Login. Among other options, the section allows you to specify Consumer Keys (API Key) and Consumer Secrets (API Secret), but initially you need to enable the module and Login Blocks.

By default, Social Login allows you to enable four login blocks : Login, Register, Cart, and Checkout. You can set up their visibility and templates. Above all, you can add new blocks to this section or delete them, if necessary, but you can’t delete default blocks.

General Configuration Section

General Configuration Section

Social Accounts Grid

The Social Accounts grid in the backend enumerates all customers using the Social Login functionality, but more importantly, it allows you to find out the most popular social networks utilized in your store. This gives a valuable insight and enables you to consciously concentrate your marketing activities on most beneficial social networks.

Additionally, the grid displays social network IDs, the initial date and time of registration and customer’s latest login time. From the grid you can also enter the Customer Information section of each customer and proceed to his Social Account section.

Social Accounts Grid

Social Accounts Grid


This way the Social Login extension for Magento 2 stores simplifies logging in, registering and purchasing processes, simultaneously allowing Magento admins to determine their most promising social networks.

You can get more details and purchase this extension in our M2 store or try its functionality in action in our demos.

Please contact us on any questions you have and leave your comments below.