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Our New Partner Magestore: A new look at Retail Management System

At the end of 2017, we are glad to announce that one more new partner joins Aheadworks and brings its great omnichannel solution to our catalog. We are welcoming Magestore.

Our New Partner Magestore: A new look at Retail Management System

Just imagine. To have a house, you, possibly, have two options:

  • 1st option - you can buy materials to build and design it with the exactly meet-need and proper usability. Or else,

  • 2nd option - you can buy a ready-made house and customize some parts of it to meet your need.

Now, if your Magento business is a house you also get two options – buy each extension to build up your own system OR buy a fully integrated module and customize it if need.

Aheadworks is the supporter for the first option, but what if you want to buy a completed module at once? We are glad to recommend you a solution from our new partner.

Magestore Omnichannel

Module Integration is the key working factor of this Magestore’s “engine”. The integration is the highest-level form of the combination of separate functionalities without any compatibility issues and implying new features available. Let’s take a clear look!

POS & Inventory Management Control

The Retail POS – Inventory Management system gathers and centralizes all the data to keep inventory levels totally accurate across multiple POS touchpoints. You can quickly allow processing orders at any location – online, offline or even marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon.

The store owner can manage orders from the store chains in one centralized platform. Order consolidation from all the channels in one place drastically increases efficiency, reduces working time, and eliminates human errors.

Strengthen the System with Customer Loyalty Programs

The retail management system is integrated with the omnichannel Loyalty Program at the POS to drive better customer relationship and ensure higher sales. Besides, retailers can strengthen the online-to-offline system, enhance customer experience and leverage customer loyalty via reward points, favorable discounts, catchy coupons.

In other words, the integrated retail system will bring your customers a seamless shopping experience.

Manage Suppliers, Process Orders with Ease

With the Magestore’s omnichannel system, retailers can create touchless purchase orders and send quotations to preferred suppliers on time. So, no more lag time! The purchasing process works smoothly and efficiently.

Better still, the purchase management module can further improve the results bringing you a full vision of the budget performance.

Fulfill Orders Faster and Efficiently

Not only optimize order fulfillment routes and minimize shipping costs to complete orders instantly and efficiently, the Omnichannel system also gives retailers the ability to run and manage different strategies to increase customer satisfaction, such as Buy Online, Pickup at Store (BORIS) - Buy Online, Home Delivery - Buy Online, Shipped from Store - Buy Online, Dropship - Buy at Store, Ship Later from Store - Buy at Store, Home Delivery etc.


In a nutshell, with Magestore Omnichannel Module, you can significantly save time, reduce costs, eliminate common human errors, and totally focus on boosting profits for your business.

From Magestore

Magestore started up in 2009, right after Magento was launched. From the beginning, we are devoted to providing innovative Magento extensions and services as well as providing reliable customer support. After 8 years in the Magento market, we've earned the trust from more than 70,000 global customers and have achieved far from what we started with. Magestore is now on the road to becoming the Leading Omnichannel Solution for Magento retailers. We owe a huge thank to our customers and partners for their on-going companion.