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Partner Products in the aheadWorks Catalog

Editor's note: In this post Artyom Rabzonov, aheadWorks CEO and co-founder, reveals the peculiarities and benefits of the partner products hosted in our catalog.

Magento is supposed to be the most customizable e-commerce platform worldwide, but the actual utilization of its advantageous opportunities faces several challenges, and not always technical.

The Magento community is so huge that multiple offers of functionality extensions, considered as benefits in other circumstances, may lead to the frustrating confusion while choosing Magento modules and themes. Getting involved in this tough choice you realize that it will require tons of your time before you find something suitable and truly worthy.

Furthermore, you cannot be totally sure about your decision until you install the module and exploit it for some time, even if you tried it out on demo stores and delved into all the features before. And if the choice was wrong, you come across financial and time losses, and gradually leave the leading position on the market. This is unacceptable.

Partner Products

Our pursuit to bring more value to our customers led us to the decision to make our store useful for all categories of shoppers. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy each and every need of Magento functionality extension with high-quality modules and themes. So, we are pleased to present partner products in the aheadWorks store.

We try to abolish possible risks, save your time and find out only the most noteworthy companies and guarantee that our partner extensions provide only effective functionality and safe code.

aheadWorks permanently looks for first-class Magento extension vendors to be presented in our catalog. We warmly invite such companies to reach us and cooperate.

Benefits for Customers

We aim to create a comfortable one-stop place collecting upscale Magento extensions, which cover possibly the full scope of Magento functionality improvements.

So, in one place you get:

  • The richest selection of Magento extensions;

  • High-quality products confidently compatible with each other and our modules;

  • High-level support from all vendors, ensured by constant monitoring by aheadWorks;

  • Products supported from the unified help desk through aheadWorks site;

  • Involved into our reward program and earn / spend points, no matter from whom you buy;

  • No extra charges, as our prices are equal or lower than the ones at the vendor’s store;

  • No need to waste time searching and comparing products. Be sure that only the best extensions are presented in our catalog.

Benefits for Vendors

Once you meet our quality and support level criteria you can:

  • Be presented in the aheadWorks catalog;

  • Reach the target audience both at our store and via our media channels;

  • Gain significant additional revenues;

  • Concentrate on the product and take off sales and marketing hassles;

  • Get equal to aheadWorks’ or any other products opportunities for free;

  • Highlight your product updates via aheadWorks media;

  • Access our customer support facilities.

Is it a marketplace or a competitor to Magento Connect?
No, we ensure the quality of products and do not allow every developer to enter the catalog. You will not find any modules with the same or very similar functionality - just an exclusive choice of the best extensions within a certain niche.

Partner Product LabelNote: We have no an individual section for partner products on our site and you can detect them only by blue dedicated labels on product logos inside the product pages.

We hope that our initiative will be appreciated among numerous Magento store owners and accepted by multiple professional vendors of Magento extensions and themes.

If you have any questions regarding our partner products, you can ask them in comments below or via our Help Desk.