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Thomas Fleck Summarizes Meet Magento Italy 2014

Editor's note: We have already noticed in our previous posts that Magento constantly enters new countries and cities. This time incredible Italy welcomed guests of the Meet Magento Italy 2014 Conference (June 3-4) and we asked Thomas Fleck - CEO at Netresearch App Factory AG - to share his impressions about the event.

You may find the summary of the event based on the conversation with Thomas below.

Thomas Fleck



Thomas Fleck is the initiator of the international event series Meet Magento. He is an entrepreneur, lawyer and idealist with over 15 years of experience in the eCommerce business and has been working with Magento from the very beginning.

It is always very exciting to hold a conference somewhere in a new country for the first time. The same happened in Italy, where Meet Magento landed a few days ago. But despite or, perhaps, thanks to this fact, the conference was really amazing, full of inspirational speeches and appreciative audience. A large part of this success belongs to Diego Semenzato and his team from Webformat.
Organizers took the best moment for the conference

The organizers took the best moment on the Italian market for the conference. The global e-commerce is booming worldwide, but you should keenly feel when the market is ready to take off and be there at the right time. All the sponsors and attendees noticed the timeliness of Meet Magento Italy 2014.
We were happy to have Kathleen, Bertrand, and Ben with us

I was greatly pleased to stay on the stage and talk about the advantages of the platform in my presentation “What makes Magento special”. And you know, it’s not so easy to distinguish the most important points of this seemingly simple issue. Anyway, I stopped at “Magento can make you successful and Magento can change your life”.

You may say it is too pathetic, but I had some good examples to prove it. You will be able to learn them in details as the recording of the conference is coming soon. Here are just few key points:

  • Market share;

  • Strategic open source;

  • For beginners and enterprises;

  • International / global;

  • Unparalleled community and ecosystem.

Milan with its open-minded people is a perfect place for this event

We were happy to have Kathleen, Bertrand, and Ben - the new Magento developer evangelist - with us at the conference. Direct contacts with Magento representatives are very important for merchants, developers and partners.

Meet Magento events are perfectly suitable to connect people, share knowledge and ideas, and find new friends. And finally, I should notice that the beautiful city of Milan with its open-minded people was a perfect place for this event.

We thank Thomas for his time and informative conversation and wish him good luck in China.

If you have something to add to this post, please share your thought and impressions in comments below.