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Points and Rewards Extension by aheadWorks Becomes More Functional

Editor's note: Merchants often ask themselves: who are our customers? A lot of books and posts examine this question. As for me, after reading you always catch yourself thinking that these notorious men are still in the shade. However, the fact is that they are people. And people are the customers of that sort who mostly like giving less and getting more. This is exactly the thing you can give them with Points and Rewards extension.

Points and Rewards Magento extension by aheadWorks gives you an excellent opportunity to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. Comprehensive functionality and simplicity of this extension are the keystones of its popularity. Let’s revise the features.

Magento points ahd Magento Rewards

1. You can reward customers for:

  • Registration on a site;

  • Newsletter subscription;

  • Reviews;

  • Product tags;

  • Poll participation;

  • Customer's birthday;

  • Video testimonials*;

  • Likes**.

Points and Rewards module is compatible with aheadWorks Video Testimonials* and Facebook Links** extensions.

2. With flexible rules admins are able to assign divers points for customers who buy from certain categories, certain SKUs or products with various prices. Or you can use any other product attributes for rules creation.

3. Points and rewards extension also includes built-in referral system. So, you can reward customers for inviting their friends or other referrals.

4. The extension contains advanced notification feature. Thanks to it customers receive instant notifications about the points they have or earn.

Other features:

  • Customers can check the quantity of points they have in their accounts.

  • Admins can give additional points from the backend or withdraw some points from any customer.

  • For customers convenience Points and Rewards block is displayed on the Cart page;

  • Admins can set up maximal points balance and maximal amount of points to redeem.

These are only the main features of the extension. You can find more in our store.

This module motivates your customers to make more purchases and stay active. The trick is that they can get some material things in exchange for some virtual points. And even more pleasant thing is that the points are not necessary purchased.

We continuously improve Points and Rewards extension. In our blog we wrote about 1.6 version release. Now 1.7 ver. is available and it is even better. Since then we have added two features and made some bug fixes.

As you know we constantly monitor customers’ reviews given to our extensions. Sometimes we take ideas for new features there. This is what happened at this time. An option to spend the points before or after tax was a result of some corresponding reviews. For instance:
“The extension working great but missing some important things that other points&rewards systems have: … The points are calculated to product without TAX. If you sell products with TAX the points are not calculated correct…” October 29, 2012 by Teodor

It was a rather sensitive issue for store owners from certain countries. Now the issue is resolved.

And one more long-waiting feature inspired by our customers was released with 1.7 ver. of the extension. It is an ability to show points block at product page. It was also inspired by our customers.
“Good extension. More flexibility would be nice. My biggest qualm is: There should be very easy way, out of the box, to show the number of points that will be earned on the product page,…” October 4, 2013

Additionally 1.7 ver. of Points and Rewards extension is compatible with Magento Community 1.8 ver.

We are grateful to our customers for their helpful feedback. Full change log of our modules and themes, including Points and Rewards extension you can find at Magento Connect.

P.S. We use this extension in our own store and you can earn your points for certain activities or purchasing extensions and redeem them for additional discounts.