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SARP 2.2 Gets a Powerful Notification System

The benefits of recurring sales are closely considered in our previous posts and we highly recommend you to try on this revenue model.

Without exaggeration, we think that it is suitable for most product lines and can be advantageous for both, sellers and customers.

SARP Email Notification System

To streamline the process of selling subscription products we consistently improve and complement the functionality provided by our Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Magento extension.

SARP 2.2 New Features

The newest version of SARP got an advanced and powerful notification system able to inform customers and responsible employees on recent most important event updates.

The current version of the SARP extension is also more stable, when working with PayPal providing the fully automated recurring profiles synchronization.

Email Notifications

Located under Subscriptions –> Email Notifications the functionality allows Magento admins to create an infinite number of notification patterns.

The Notification Details section includes next compulsory fields:

  • Name – specifies the unique name of the notification;

  • Status – disables or enables the notification;

  • Event Type – determines the events, which trigger notification emails. It currently includes five options: New profile created, Profile Status Changed, New order created, Profile expired, Next payment;

  • Recipient – appoints email recipients, including Customer, General Contact, Sales Representative, Support, etc.;

  • Store – determines stores/store views for email notifications.

New Notifications Creation

New Notifications Creation

The Template field determines notification templates used to send each notification. You can add, delete or edit Email Notification templates in the System -> Transactional Emails section.

Why is It Important?

The notification system allows you to closely monitor and timely manage your recurring sales and thus maintain continuous revenues. The proactive management of recurring revenue streams is able to provide you with a constant cash flow, minimize sales costs, and provide your business with steady positions.

Effective Customers Acquisition

Email notifications give you a chance to estimate the number of new subscriptions per time unit and efficiently offer new types and terms of subscriptions attractive for new customers.

Prompt Needs Satisfaction

Customers’ satisfaction is a matter of many factors and the prompt awareness of canceled subscriptions and understanding of their dynamics will hint at the reasons that possibly cause current discontent.

Maximum Number of Renewals

If you let your employees closely track customers’ recurring profiles in real time, they will have much better chances to maximize renewal and sales rates.

Timely Cross Sells and Up-Sells

Completed or payed orders are great occasions to promote other subscription products to customers, either cross sells or up-sells.

Ecosystem Collaboration

In addition to the native extension's email notification system you can also use MageMail to send reminders on upcoming subscription payment renewals.


The recurring revenue model is greatly beneficial for ecommerce, still requires careful attention from store owners. The new Email Notifications system provides Magento admins with important and timely information on the sales process in their stores.

It is also makes shopping transparent for customers and allows them to be in the loop.

You can update and purchase Subscriptions and Recurring Payments 2.2 on the product page of the extension. Please visit the demo stores, where the described above functionality is available for consideration and testing.

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