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Smart One Step Checkout 1.1 is Integrated with Three Aheadworks Extensions

Smart One Step Checkout 1.1 is Integrated with Three Aheadworks Extensions

The Smart One Step Checkout extension for Magento 2 is a real superjet of your store that brings customers quickly and comfortably to their favorite products.

The unique features of the extension make it equally valuable for both sides customers and merchants enabling the later ones to constantly improve the checkout process until it is smooth and suitable for all customer groups. And, if the market changes in any way or extent, they are still able to adopt the new situation easy and swiftly.

Although the initial power of the module is great, we aim to make it even better rising the benchmark just 3 months after the initial release. Below we’ll show you the main features of Smart One Step Checkout 1.1 and we’re sure that some of them are the ones you can take full advantage of just immediately.

Scope of Integrations

Module integrations are the highest-level form of the combination of two separate functionalities without any compatibility issues and implying new features available as a result of the compound. The latest version of Smart OSC is able to integrate three Aheadworks extensions, where each one adds own new business opportunities to your store.

Reward Points Extension Integration

The integration of Smart One Step Checkout and Reward Points makes your customers easily use reward points as a payment method at the checkout stage and stay loyal to your brand and products.

Reward Points Used to Pay for Purchases

Reward Points Used to Pay for Purchases

If you have installed both the extensions on your Magento store, customers can pay their purchases with points including shipping and other fees. It happens just the same way as it is provided for the native Magento checkout, e.g. customers can spend the reward points they have or remove them if they change their mind.

Bundle Purchase
According to the rule, the whole bundle will cost you only $486. It means that you can take the full-fledged loyalty program functionality just for $187 and take advantage of its unique features, including:

    • lifetime sales reward rates;


    • detailed spend and earn statistics;


    • clear point balances for customers;


    • prices reduced by available points and more.

Of course, the Smart OSC extension itself makes the bundle worth of your close attention even more. Especially since this extension is currently in our Hot Offers, so the bundle is going to be even cheaper today. To be precise - $452.25.

Magento Commerce Reward Points Integration

Those of you with Magento Commerce stores are also able to offer customers the same level of comfort. With the Reward Points functionality enabled, you will find out that Smart One Step Checkout 1.1 displays for customers the opportunity to use their points during the checkout stage.

Gift Card Extension Integration

If you sell (or want to) gift cards using the Gift Card extension by Aheadworks, now your customers are able to enter their gift codes on the checkout page, and this way pay for their purchases. The applied codes are displayed in the right-hand sidebar making the whole purchase calculation just clear.

Bundle Purchase
The two extensions bought together will cost only $523.5, where the additional Gift Card module adds $224.5 to the whole purchase. While the additional value is sufficient:

    • Virtual and physical gift cards with custom designs;


    • Personal messages attached;


    • Gift card previews;


    • Gift codes import;


    • Detailed gift card usage statistics and more.

Both the extensions are in our Hot Offers today and now will take only $444.75 for the bundle.

Magento Commerce Gift Card Functionality Integration

The stores using the default Magento Commerce gift card functionality now can offer customers to pay their purchases with their codes during the checkout. Shoppers can use one or several codes together for the whole purchase or partially. If the whole value of all the applied gift codes exceeds the total cost, the remaining balance of the code with the biggest value will still be available for next orders.

Store Credit and Refund Extension Integration

Using the latest version of Smart OSC the customers with store credit balances, provided by the Store Credit and Refund extension, are able to use them during the checkout. The functionality is available for logged-in customers only and reminds them to sign in if they try to make a purchase as guests.

The number of applied credits is displayed in the Order Summary section making the amount to be paid with money clear. Customers are also able to cancel the applied credits.

Bundle Purchase
Store Credit and Refund is the extension of our Small Business Kit and costs only $79. This way, if you want to use the functionality resulting from the provided integration both the extensions will only cost you $378, and even less today ($333) due to the provided discount.

Magento Commerce Store Credit Functionality Integration

The Magento Commerce merchants using the default store credit functionality can also offer their customers to use it during the checkout stage. The number of available credits is also provided for logged-in users, displayed in the order totals, and subtracted from the customers’ balances as soon as the order is completed.

More Features

The above integration options just unfold the whole bunch of features making the Magento checkout process even more convenient with Smart One Step Checkout 1.1.

Preselected Countries by Customer IPs

The feature removes another hurdle towards the successful checkout completion and allows customers to select their countries from the list autodetected by the extension’s GeoIP functionality instead of typing it manually.

GeoIP Functionality Configuration

GeoIP Functionality Configuration

The functionality can be enabled in the GeoIP Settings section on the extension configuration page.

Google Places Address Suggestions

Entering the checkout page and proceeding to the address sections customers need to provide their detailed addresses for their first purchases. But now, even new customers are able to complete those fields much faster with the provided autocomplete address suggestions.

The functionality can be enabled from the General extension configuration section. If a merchant wants to enable the functionality, he should tick ‘Yes’ in the Enable Address Autocomplete Suggestions option and provide the required Google Places API key.

Address Autocomplete Suggestions Functionality

Address Autocomplete Suggestions Functionality

Gift Wrap and Printed Cards Fees (for Magento Commerce stores)

In order to make the provided order totals absolutely clear for customers, the latest feature allows the Magento Commerce checkouts to display the gift wrap and printed card fees in the Order Summary sidebar. This way, customers can see all the components of the final price and complete their purchases knowingly.

Product Images Display Logic

From now on, Magento merchants get the opportunity to select the images to be displayed during the checkout for grouped and configurable products. The functionality is available at Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Checkout -> Shopping Cart -> Grouped Product Image and Configurable Product Image.


Each one of the above features makes the Magento checkout a bit more quick, a bit more comfortable, a bit more intuitive, while the whole scope of functions makes the process, previously tedious and even scaring, pleasant and controllable.

Smart One Step Checkout 1.1 is already available for purchasing, bundling, and updating in our store. We are also happy to note that the extension is currently available at the 15% discount price.

For more information, please visit the product page of the extension, read the technical documentation or try it in action in our demo stores.

Current Prices for the Bundles of Integrated Extensions

    • Smart OSC + Reward Points - $452.25


    • Smart OSC + Gift Card - $444.75


    • Smart OSC + Store Credit and Refund - $333.

P.S. Those who need to bundle three or even four of the above extensions are able to get even higher discounts.