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The Product Questions Module Leaves No Unanswered Questions

The aheadWorks store contains numerous high-quality Magento extensions and themes, and sometimes it’s easy to get confused with all this variety of products.

In this case, we suggest you to refer to our blog, where you can get comprehensive information about the module you are interested in.

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This time, the Product Questions extension is in focus; and in this post we’ll revise the features of the extension and benefits you can get with this great Magento module.

Product Questions

The Product Questions extension for MagentoGeneral Description

This extension allows customers to ask questions directly on the product pages, meanwhile Magento admins can answer them on their own or ask other customers share their experience about the product. The questions and answers appear together on the same page below the product description.

Why is it important?

This module makes you store more customer oriented and improves the overall quality of the provided customer service, which is greatly important for every online store. See the infographics below.

So, customers want to get their questions answered quickly and you can provide them this very opportunity. Product Questions extension allows you to avoid customers dissatisfaction and make their experience on your site more comprehensive.

Benefits for customers

  • The frontend question form allows customers ask questions directly on the product page;

  • Customers have an instant access to the Q&A information about the product;

  • They can discuss any issue regarding the product with other visitors, what improves their trust and loyalty to your company;

  • Customers can ask private questions and get answers via email;

  • All questions are sorted by their helpfulness starting from the most valuable.

Benefits for merchants

  • You can improve your site content with additional and valuable for customers product related information;

  • Magento admins can assign similar questions to multiple product pages and avoid recurring answers;

  • They have an opportunity to ask questions from the backend;

  • They can invite customers answer questions about the purchased products.

Tested by Top Brands

The functionality provided by the Product Questions extension is appreciated and widely used by the best online retailers, e.g. Walmart and BestBuy.

Note:These companies take the second and fifth positions, accordingly, in the Top 50 Retailers 2013 list by the U.S. National Retail Federation.


Thus, with the installation of the Product Questions Magento extension you can add to your store extra loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Browse the full list of features of Product Questions on the product page of the extension and try it in our demo stores.

If you have any questions about this extension, you can ask them in comments below.