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Automatic Related Products for M2

Use Case: Automatic Related Products to Boost Sales and Provide Improved User Experiences



"We recognize the potential benefits of cross-selling and up-selling strategies for our business. However, implementing these tactics has proven painstaking and time-consuming due to the meticulous manual application of necessary conditions to trigger relevant product suggestions. The current process is ineffective, given the time constraints of our limited team resources. We need a tool to easily assign related products, improving sales and user experiences for our customers.”





Save time and minimize efforts to manage related product blocks with automated "Who Bought This Also Bought (WBTAB)" and "Who Viewed This Also Viewed (WVTAV)" modes available on Automatic Related Products for Magento 2. These two recommendation systems are proven to boost revenue as they suggest items based on customers' on-site behavior and provide a customized shopping experience. All you need to do is simply choose where and how "WBTAB" and "WVTAV" should be displayed, and the smart algorithm will do all the work for you.


  • Use the "Who Bought This Also Bought" option to guide customers to additional items people tend to buy in bulk 
  • Use the "Who Viewed This Also Viewed" option to provide customers with product alternatives, like what those that are considering purchasing
  • Suggest products at higher prices than the price of the current product to increase store revenue
  • Configure conditions combinations to show only relevant goods meeting the specific interests of your store visitors. 

Sample screenshot:

<img src="/media/wysiwyg/Blogg/UseCases/unnamed_44_.png" title="Product related block configurations" "="" alt="Product related block configurations" loading="lazy">

Points to note:

  • Place "WBTAB" and "WVTAV" blocks on Product Pages or Shopping Cart Page
  • Grid and Slider views are available for related products blocks 
  • Show recommendations for specific customer groups
  • Display "Add to Cart" button in the related products block
<img src="/media/wysiwyg/Blogg/Logos/Automatic-Related-Products.png" title="M2 Automatic Related Products" "="" alt="M2 Automatic Related Products" loading="lazy">

Manage related products effortlessly with flexible back-end options.

  • Show only in-stock products in "WBTAB" and "WVTAV" 
  • Prioritize rules to avoid conflicts 
  • Analyze rule performance (views, clicks, and CTR)
  • Use a built-in widget for custom block positions
  • Enjoy integration with Customer Segmentation
  • Use instead of or alongside Native Magento Block for Related Products