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Magento 2 Sales Representative Use Case

Magento 2 Sales Representative Use Case: Optimize the Sales Process with Assigned Sales Reps


"It's widely understood that targeting potential customers is crucial for driving sales. Yet, customers have grown weary of continuous cold-calling and generic emailing. That's why we're seeking an intelligent solution that not only makes the sales process effective but also adds a "warm" touch to it."


Build professional and trusting relationships with customers and optimize the sales process with personal sales representatives! Sales Representative for Magento 2 extension allows sales assistants to work directly with customers, and set and manage clients' expectations. What's more, skilled sales preps find new leads to drive business and ensure your sales process goes smoothly.

  • Close key sales thanks to the cost-benefit analysis performed by sales reps
  • Increase spontaneous purchases with sales reps suggesting relevant cross-sells and up-sells to customers
  • Drive marketing campaigns with personalized offers and discounts offered by sales assistants
  • Solve any issue on the spot with sales reps providing real-time information on product availability and pricing 
  • Inspire future sales by establishing customer trust 

Sample screenshot:

Sales representatives magento 2

Points to note:

  • Add sales representatives on the Customer Information page in the back-end
  • Update sales assistants directly in the Customers grid
  • Assign one sales representative to several customers/customer groups
  • Set different sales reps for each customer/customer group
Sales Representative for Magento 2

Let Sales Reps implement and manage sales strategies to achieve aggressive sales goals:

  • Assign sales representatives to orders automatically
  • Engage personal sales consultants for customers
  • Display sales managers' contact info in customer account
  • Control sales representatives' performance at ease
  • Send notifications for both customer and sales dealer
  • Manage sales representatives' permissions in the back-end
  • Integration with M2 Company Accounts and M2 Cart to Quote