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Advanced Reviews 1.0 released!

A lot of reputable companies conducted a series of researches to find out the customers’ attitude to reviews: according to survey 86% of the customers are searching for reviews before making purchasing decisions and 90% of those who read reviews left by unknown consumers consider the comments to be trustworthy.

AJAX Cart Pro 1.4.5 update released

cross operation of “www.domain” and “domain” support. The error that can occur due to browser security violation when using both “www.domain” and “domain” is avoided. default, blank and modern themes support. For these themes and their modifications AJAX Cart Pro doesn’t need any additional configuration to run. easy custom configuration (custom.js). Now it is possible to adjust AJAX Cart Pro almost to every custom theme.

Refer a Friend 1.2 released

A long-expected feature of the discount usage limit is implemented in Refer a Friend v.1.2. Now it’s possible to allow using the earned discount, e.g. only once to encourage people to invite more friends and earn a discount again or implement other referral discounts policies. The extension became even more flexible to meet any store owner needs.

Refer a Friend 1.1 released

A new feature brings the extension to a higher level of rule management. The updated version allows you to limit the number of the rule applying. You can define the number of times a rule can be triggered, what allows you to create such options as giving a discount for every referral who made at least one purchase.

Checkout Promo: user's guide

Every rule has one condition or a combination of them. The rule will be applied in case when the condition is met. You can set conditions of different type, e.g. quantity of products put in the cart, certain total price of the products in the cart, product brand, size, color, etc. As far as the customer adds products meeting the flexible conditions of the rule to the cart, the rule will be applied and the promo block will be displayed on the Shopping Cart and Checkout pages.

Migration to Magento

We provide such a service as Migration to Magento Shopping Cart — a turnkey solution for converting your current online shop to Magento. We will help you to migrate your store within limited period of time. Our professionals will move all important information (products, customers, orders, images and other data) to Magento easily. Having reposed trust in aheadWorks Co. you get your store converted to Magento avoiding data loss and many possible mistakes.

Help Desk Ultimate comparison guide

Good customer support is half the battle. That’s why online store owners are in demand of bug-free, easy to install & use extension with good support. We know that you spend lots of time searching the most suitable solution. aheadWorks eased this task for you. We have analyzed 4 helpdesk extensions.