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[M2] Customer Attributes

Current extension version: 1.0.3 | Compatibility: CE 2.2.9 - 2.3.X EE Extension is not compatible with Magento Commerce 2.x
  • Extensive list of properties to configure meaningful attributes
  • Dependable attributes
  • Placement of attributes on the storefront and/or backend
  • Data validation and input values verification
  • Customer Segmentation integration
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Multiple input types

Fine-tune customer attributes against the explicit list of customization properties

Various placement options

Decide whether the newly-designed/edited attributes will serve you or your customers

Considered integration

Make further use of the customized attributes via a few integrated modules

Smartly Add and Manage Customer Attributes for Magento 2

To serve your shoppers best have their profiles as complete as required: let customers provide you with any specific details on their business roles, addresses, buying habits, taxation nuances, choice motivators and more. Alternatively, make secret notes on your customers’ performance and hide them out of their sight: karma and other labels, for example. Wisely enough, the attributes may serve later well for segmenting customers or drawing reports. Attributes customization has never been easier with further help of data validation, adaptive properties and dependable attributes. Magento 2 Customer Attributes is a module for particular customers, individual and clear-cut needs, and for perfect merchants, of course.

How Customer Attributes Magento 2 Extension Works

On the front-end

Prompt your customers, both registered and guests, to submit as much information about themselves as you need to facilitate best of services, and not less as they need to feel comfortable in your store.

Display of attributes

Get customers know what extra details can improve their profiles: add attributes to the relevant storefront forms, sort attributes in the form and accompany them with meaningful labels.


Data validation
Set up the parameters for automatic verification of data with which customers fill-in the forms: check against the type and min/max value of the input, compare it with the default content, manage html tags.
Dependable attributes
Allow alternatives for further choice with dependable attributes for the Drop-down, Yes/No and Multiple Select input types.
On the back-end

Create ‘hidden’ attributes and utilize them alongside the ones open to customers to filter, categorize or search data against the many possible use cases.

Extending Customers/Orders grid
Make use of edited or newly-created attributes in the Customers and/or Orders grids, enabling them for filtering, as well as columns layout and search features.
Integration options
Get attributes available in the Customer Segmentation and Advanced Reports extensions as separate parameters for segments conditioning, as well as for statistics collecting and analysing.

Multiple adaptive properties

Feel free to fine-tune your customer attributes against the numerous input types which give individual way to input validation parameters, default values, html-filters, input value size limits and more.

Magento 2 Customer Attributes Detailed Feature List

  Display of attributes
  • On the registration page
  • In the account area
  • At the checkout
  • In the customers grid
  • In the orders grid
  Attributes configuration
  • Customer and Customer Address attributes
  • Multiple input types
  • Data validation settings
  • Attributes that are visible only on the backend
  • Attribute variables option
  • Dependable attributes
  • Attributes grid
  • Import / export of customer data including custom attributes
  • Magento API
  • Advanced Reports integration (coming soon)
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  • 1.0.3
    Released 30.07.2020 * Fixed issue with export
  • 1.0.2
    Released 06.11.2019 * Error occurs on the Storefront when "Display on Forms" = "Customer Address Registration" * Error appears in an attempt to manage relations in an attribute * Fixed issue when address attributes cannot be modified by admin with limited permissions * Error occurs when altering Multiple line attribute * The array *customAttribute* in shipping-information is not passed when the shipping address changes * Attribute value is not saved when creating an account * "Use in the Orders Grid" and "Show on the Order View Page" options can't be set to "No" * Customer Attributes with "Input Type" = "File", "Image File" aren't displayed in the Orders grid and Order View Page Customers * When Customer Attribute with "Input Type" = "Date" is created, "Minimum Value" and "Maximum Value" options change into current date * When order is created in Backend and "Date" attribute is filled in, data aren't displayed in Orders grid * Unnecessary options are shown on "Customer Address Attribute" page * Fixed issue with customer creation if customer date attribute is set by default * Incorrect default date is shown in an address attribute on Checkout page * Default values aren't shown in customer address attributes if create an order in Admin * Fixed issue when required customer attribute doesn't work correctly * All dependent attributes are shown even if they don't relate to current option of the dropdown
  • 1.0.1
    Released 28.08.2019 * Fix for Magento Marketplace
  • 1.0.0
    Released 12.08.2019 * Initial release
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