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B2B Company Credit for Magento 2
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B2B Company Credit for Magento 2

Drive growth and build loyal relationships by offering credit to the customers you trust.

  • Specify credit limit for selected customers or groups of customers
  • Provide credit as a payment method on the front- and backend
  • Allow automatic currency conversion for multi-view stores
  • Manage overdue credit payments
  • Set automatic email notifications on credit operations
  • Integration with Company Accounts, One Step Checkout
  • Hyvä-compatible
Current extension version: 1.3.1 | Compatibility: Open Source 2.4.6 - 2.4.7; Commerce 2.4.6 - 2.4.7
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Marketplace Approved



GraphQL Available

GraphQL Available

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It’s a common issue for any business to strive to increase customers’ lifetime value as it is the key to drive more revenue. But when you are B2B-targeted, more difficulties are waiting for you as B2B buyers are more “rational” and products or services are often more complex. So what is necessary to build a more profitable business while focusing on attracting and retaining long-term customers who will become repeat buyers?


Сonsider the possibility of offering credit to your customers! Selling on credit you state the stability of your business and stand up against the competition. It is an essential marketing technique enticing customers to buy more and become more loyal to your brand. Company Credit for Magento 2 allows setting different credit offers to customers, groups, and even companies they represent. The module helps tackle potential risks in offering credit by arranging accurate records of credit history and enabling updates to the limits and balances when need be.

Enhance credit payments management

Get Magento 2 EE functionality out of your CE version by integrating B2B Company Credit, and enable setting credit limits for customers and groups, set amount due options of operating, and editing of transactions provided on both the front- and backend.

Payment on credit at checkout

Payment on credit at checkout

Configure Credit to be included as a payment method, available at checkout for assigned customers and groups or companies they are employed by (in integration with B2B Company Accounts).

B2B Company Credit | Aheadworks
Trusted customers only

Trusted customers only

Enable and specify credit limits for specified customers, who will then be able to see their credit balance and credit transactions in a designated tab in the My Account area.

Or even allow exceeding the limit for particular customers.

B2B Company Credit | Aheadworks
Credit history

Credit history

Track the history of the on-credit payments, browse the full list or those specific to a customer, study shoppers’ current credit balance and make appropriate alterations to statuses and figures.

B2B Company Credit | Credit History
Email reminders

Email reminders

Notify shoppers on changes to their credit balance via email with the help of two templates on credit balance updates and changes in the amount of credit limit.

B2B Company Credit | Email Reminders
Easy Credit Balance Update

Easy Credit Balance Update

Customers can make a payment against their outstanding balance directly from the Credit Limit tab on the storefront. Enable this option on the backend so customers can pay for the credit without assistance.

B2B Compnay Credit | Credit Balance Update
Enable automatic invoice creation

Enable automatic invoice creation

Enabling automatic invoice creation is especially beneficial as it streamlines the invoicing process, saving you time and effort

B2B Compnay Credit | Credit Balance Update


Integration with B2B Company Accounts

Integration with Smart One Step Checkout

More Features

Automatic conversion of currencies

Admins set credit limits in the base currency, and customers see them in the currency of their store view.

Country restriction on a credit payment

Set limits not only by customer groups but by countries as well

Set order totals

Indicate the minimum and the maximum order totals for customers to be eligible for the Credit Limit in the list of payment methods at checkout

Allow Exceeding Credit Limit

Allow customers or companies (when the Company Accounts extension is installed) to use more credit that was assigned to them.

Updating credit balance

The Update Balance section on the backend gets the Admin able to make alterations to the customer's credit balance.

Comments on updates

The Admin may leave comments for customers while making some updates to their credit balance.

Tracking credit usage by customers on the backend

At the Balance History block, the Admin can browse the history of the credit transactions for the given customer.

Handy grids

The history is aggregated into grids, which supports filtering and pagination so that you may analyze credit transactions and history the way you need.

Credit Limit tab in My Account

The page features a summary of the credit to estimate the balance of the credit, the credit sum available to the customer, and the limit of the credit as set by the Admin on the storefront.

Available credit notification

At checkout, customers will be notified of the available credit. Should there be insufficient funds on the customer's credit, a corresponding message will indicate thereof.

Exceeding the limit message

When the cart amount exceeds the credit limit, a special message will be displayed on the checkout (the setting Allow Exceeding Credit Limit should be turned on).


Install Company Accounts to enable credit limit the specification to customer companies.

One Step Checkout will allow credit payment available on the enhanced checkout page.

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  • 1.3.1
    Released 19.12.2023
    * Refactored code of the button Save and Continue
  • 1.3.0
    Released 16.11.2023
    + Payment Reminders
  • 1.2.0
    Released 19.09.2023
    + GraphQL Support
    + Automatic invoice creation after purchasing
    + Net terms for credit limit
    + Importing customer Credit Updates from a CSV/XLS file
    + Selecting payment methods for Credit Update
  • 1.1.3
    Released 23.02.2023
    * Fixed issue with the credit-product price conversion
    * Fixed issue with сurrency symbol in the company Credit History
    * Fixed issue with the credit limit reindex optimization
  • 1.1.2
    Released 06.06.2022
    + Compatibility with Magento 2.4.4
    * Fixed issue with exceeded balance in the warning message on the Checkout
    * Fixed issue with the General credit balance in the Customer Account for Magento 2.4.4
  • 1.1.1
    Released 16.03.2022
    +Declarative schema upgrade
  • 1.1.0
    Released 02.07.2021
    + Allow Exceeding Credit Limit
    + Customers can make a payment against outstanding balance at store
    * Credit Limit breaks design of other extensions
    * Incorrect currency conversion
  • 1.0.2
    Released 22.10.2020
    * Fixes related to cron job work
    * Minor design improvements
  • 1.0.1
    Released 28.02.2020
    * Fix for Magento Marketplace
  • 1.0.0
    Released 27.02.2020
    * Initial release

Product Questions

Bulk Balance Update: Can a Merchant update customer credit balance using a CSV/Excel sheet?
Question by: James on Feb 16, 2023, 8:07 AM
Currently, there is no possibility to update customer credit balance using CSV/Excel in bulk
Answer by: Julia Gorobets (Admin) on Feb 16, 2023, 8:08 AM
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