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April 6, 2010 Incident

This caused by our AW_All extension which is included into every aheadWorks extension. The reason of this problem was a hardware failure in our hosting company which had made our site and XML feed AW_All is looking for inaccessible for some time.

We are back online!

We are extremely sorry for any problems caused by this incident and can assure you that we will elaborate a number of measures which will guarantee stability of AW_All behaviour under any circumstances, even complete failure of our site or server. We’ll make an additional announce in our blog with the description of these measures.

aheadWorks is Proud to Announce: Qualified Magento Developers are Available for Hire Now!

If you have anything to be done and in doubt whom would you like to work with – do not hesitate to select #1 Magento extensions provider. Be sure, we understand your needs, concerns and problems. Being one of the leading players on Magento scene, we have implemented a great number of in-house and custom projects, earned invaluable experience and now are ready to share it with you!

You Did It!

The “aheadWorks extensions and development” group recently achieved an incredible milestone. The group has now gained the lead as the most active group in the Magento world! Best of all, the number of “aheadWorks extensions and development” subscribers is continuing to grow each day!

Important license change

From now on, we license per Magento installation, not per domain. Hope this change will help you to cut costs and enjoy more top-notch Magento modules by aheadWorks Co. As usually, the whole text of the license can be found here: