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2016 Magento Partner Top Contribution Awards (Mapped)

Magento Imagine 2016 was a clear affirmation of the community cohesion and common interest to bring Magento to the top of global eCommerce. Multiple companies worldwide work hard for this unifying goal and Top Contributions Awards across the Magento global partner ecosystem became a well-deserved recognition of their ongoing efforts. And, it is great that alongside the companies with established reputation Magento also commends the merits of rising newbies encouraging them to stay on the track.

Aheadworks Product Owner Stanislav Golodov: "Often, a Challenge Requires Thinking Out of the Box"

What is the way a new product passes from the idea to market? What does the Magento extensions market require most of all? Is product management mostly about brilliant insights or routine data analysis? We are talking to Stanislav Golodov, Aheadworks product owner celebrating today his 5-th anniversary in the company.

See You at Imagine 2016: Where and When

Imagine, the biggest and most influential Magento event, is ready to go again this April, and we are happy to join the entire community, meet old partners and friends. However, the conference is so huge, just like the community behind it, so below we also walk through some major company events within the conference and a little beyond. Hope this small guide will help you save your time, have fun and meet us at Imagine 2016.
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New aheadWorks CEO Natallia Kukuruzina: “We Implement New Advanced Development Principles”

Today we talk to Natallia Kukuruzina, a new aheadWorks CEO, who brings new approaches to the development of our products and company as a whole. Natallia Kukuruzina is a highly-experienced strategic manager working for 10 years in IT mainly focusing on foreign contractors and early project launches. Natallia possesses vast experience in team building, process establishing, and business administration.

Back to School Contest Results

Most pupils and students have started their studies and now it’s a good time to finish all entertainments and sum up our competition started previous Tuesday. Just to bring you back to the terms of the contest we remind you that we asked our readers to create some real (existing) words out of the acronyms of elements from our Periodic Table.
Periodic Table of aheadWorks Extensions

Periodic Table of aheadWorks Magento Extensions

These days we all recollect our school years sending our own children to schools or just passing by the well-dressed kids and teens smartly walking to their classes. Influenced by this nostalgic mood we want you to feel the same inspiration. On this occasion, we assembled all our Magento extensions in the table, largely similar to the Periodic Table of elements.

Imagine 2015: Unbound Recap

The greatest annual Magento event was as usually stunning and incomparable. Each year it gives new impetus to the Magento ecosystem and, according to many opinions, it was simply amazing this year. Imagine 2015 provided the long-awaited inspiration to all parties of the Community and empowered merchants, technologists and solution providers to move faster stepping over the obstacles and removing the boundaries on their way to the collective success.

aheadWorks in 2014: The Sum of the Year

At the end of each year we are accustomed to summarize our achievements and make plans for the future. This year was very busy for us and Magento in general. Still, we can rightfully mark the 2014th year as a successful time for our company, as it put a lot of new extensions into our portfolio and draw numerous new customers. We thank all our customers and want you to know that we greatly appreciate your loyalty and trustful attitude.