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We are Ready to Meet You at Imagine 2014

Are you ready for the coming burst of positive emotions, inspiration, and creative Imagination? Imagine 2014 is almost here and we have already turned our heads to marvelous Las Vegas standing a bit excited in anticipation of this greatest Magento event of the year. aheadWorks is delighted to be a part of this grandiose event and would like to welcome our partners, customers, and all attendees of Imagine 2014.

aheadWorks Provides Extra Safety for Customers’ Purchases. We Announce the 45-Day Money Back Guarantee

Eventually most Magento store owners need to enhance their store functionality with some valuable Magento extensions, but the evaluation of modules’ characteristics is difficult sometimes. Extensions integration may take a lot of efforts, but is not always successful, and in these cases nothing remains except refund requests. However, you will not achieve this comparatively painless outcome when your refund term is expired.

The Only Lady in aheadWorks Support Team Answers 40 Customers’ Questions per Day

aheadWorks support team is just as big as our development crew (!). Support engineers and customer care specialists literally work days and nights to make you, our customer, happy. You communicate with them daily, but barely have an idea of who they are, and we feel guilty about that. Today we put a spotlight on aheadWorks support starting from the talk with the only lady in aheadWorks support team – Ekaterina Sobolkova.

aheadWorks Story: Why We Upgraded Our Magento Industry Partnership to a Platinum Level

The Magento market keeps steadily growing. More and more online merchants use the Magento platform for their online stores. The number of developers at Magento market is increasing as well – there are 800 000 worldwide. Partnership with Magento is an awesome possibility for any company to move to a new level of quality and reliability.

The Talk With Kuba Zwoliński: "I Can Honestly Say There Are Many Ideas For Online Businesses in Poland"

A world without borders makes it easy to spread the popularity of eCommerce businesses like fire. Just imagine – you can build a website from scratch and start selling novelties on it regardless of where you are from (though, you are dependent on local legislation and Internet connection quality). The same is true for developers: if they specialize in eCommerce development, it automatically means they are demanded throughout the globe.