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Meet Magento Netherlands: Get Treatment from Magento Doctor Peter Samoilov and Welcome to Our Stand #6

Hey guys, what are you up to in May? If this breezy month is too charming for you to stay home and devote your entire time to work, go pack your stuff and join aheadWorks on the trip to Ede, the Netherlands. On May 29-30 this Dutch city will become a national meeting point for Magento merchants and developers, where we all will have fun, practice active networking and do business at the same time. Yes, Meet Magento Netherlands is coming and we know what might blow your mind.

A Partner in the Spotlight: Atwix Appreciates the Practice of Sharing Custom Development Projects with Partners

Hello! It’s always nice to communicate with partners. Different mentalities, values and even accents help me have a deeper understanding of the people living around the world. After all, the building of partner links, it’s all about the right comminication. This time I interviewed Viacheslav Kravchuk, CEO of Atwix, to share some thoughts on his company, current projects and future plans and, of course, the partnership with aheadWorks.

Meet aheadWorks New Partner: Inchoo

Officially announced on January 29, 2013, the partnership between aheadWorks and Inchoo aims at taking two companies to even higher level of cooperation. Artyom Rabzonov, aheadWorks CEO, commented on the partnership, “I’m delighted to announce that Inchoo has become aheadWorks very first official partner from Croatia. With Inchoo as a partner, we will be able to serve the Magento market even better than we were able to previously, with the benefit of Inchoo’s special knowledge and experience.”

Meet new aheadWorks partners

aheadWorks is happy to announce the partnership with FXPLabs from Brazil. Our very first Brazilian partner is a Bronze Magento Solution Partner located in the beautiful city of Balneário Camboriú. FXPLabs works with Magento outsourcing, Amazon, Business to Business (B2B) complete solutions and ERP integrations.