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Aheadworks Monthly Updates: September

In September, the Aheadworks Product Team released 9 extension updates; More integrations, useful functionalities, and in-demand features have been added.

Check out the full list of Extensions updated this month:


We added Ticket Rating for identifying solid points and correcting weak ones. Ratings are now visible within the Tickets grid.

Now the extension is integrated with RMA to render a quality return management service.

We improved Tag Filtering by adding a new option “Ticket contains all selected tags”.

Now admins are able to track New, Open, Waiting for Customer, or Closed tickets.


We added Blog post duplication functionality for you to keep the same blog post format.

Now multi-store admins can share content via global URLs, relying on a GeoIP service to redirect them to the local version of the post.

Now images are responsive and look good on any device.

We refactored mass post saving and now it’s more beautiful and reusable.


  • We fixed the issue with an installation error occurring if the database tables prefix is set.
  • We fixed the issue with the blog search indexer, which doesn't take into account indexer mode.



Now customers are able to learn about filters available with tooltips.

Now customers can easily find required attribute value through a long list.

Admins can give customers an opportunity to display only 4-5 star rating products.

We updated the Web API

Also, GraphQL is updated now.


  • We fixed the issue with the price filter when using multiple currencies.
  • We fixed the issue with custom URL rewrites.
  • We also fixed the issue with swatches.css in Magento 2.3.



Now the extension is integrated with Help Desk Ultimate providing an opportunity to convert a ticket to an RMA request.

  • We fixed the issues for Cart to Quote 1.7.1
  • Also, we fixed the issues for Quick Order 1.1.2
  • The issue with the inability to Buy a quote (Klarna exception) [M 2.4.2-2.4.3 EE] is fixed.
  • Composer fixes are done.
  • We fixed the issue with requesting a Quote as a guest.


  • The issue with the wrong date in the 'Last Order Date' column is fixed now.
  • [Magento 2.4.3] Product isn't displayed in mini cart issue fixed.
  • We fixed the issue by adding strings to the CSV file.


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