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Blog for Magento 2

Blog 2.10 Extension: Even Faster Now

Creating blog content takes a lot of time. Studying, writing, customizing - all requiring hours of work. But the benefit won’t keep you waiting long. Besides the fact that good quality blog content could attract new customers or increase retention, it’s also a great tool to boost sales by disclosure of your product benefits and sharing links to a product page. 

Promoting sales and discounts, sharing company and industry news, questionnaire issues explanation would be a hard nut to crack without blog extension. That’s why Aheadworks has developed a highly functional Blog Extension for Magento 2

What are the features of the best Magento 2 Blog extension?

A good blog extension is intended to create and maintain appealing blog content to the website, supply with advanced SEO configuration, allow customers to share and comment on the blog post, increase posts credibility, and much more. And this is an incomplete list of Aheadworks Blog Extension features proving the fact of being the best solution to manage an eCommerce blog effectively

Moreover, our developers improved the blog management process by implementing the following features:

  • Responsive design: makes a blog look great on any device
  • Convenient navigation via element tree for quick and effortless editing
  • Easy content management performed with WYSIWYG, Page Builder, or Buildify
  • Post previews to be sure your content looks appropriate

But that’s not all the extension benefits! You can find the whole list on the product page

Furthermore, we didn’t stop here! Aheadworks M2 Blog 2.10.1 version is released! We’ve focused on reducing time while processing. Let’s have a look at new features:

  • website processing speeded up
  • rules processing speeded up

Hurry up to enjoy new advantages of fast and smart processing operation! Whether you own one or multiple websites, you’ll feel the benefits of more rapid and stable extension functioning.

You can update the extension via composer or your account.