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B2B Cart to Quote for Magento 2

Current extension version: 1.4.0 | Compatibility: CE 2.3.X - 2.4.X EE 2.3.X - 2.4.X

Negotiate requests for quotation with customers you trust and reach best win-to-win deals.

  • Creating requests for quote either on the back- or front-end
  • Multiple products per quote
  • Quote List alike a Shopping Cart
  • Alternating cession of control over a quote
  • Discount as a %, decrement or new total of the quotation bundle
  • Auto-approval of quotes
  • Integration with M2 Company Accounts and M2 Sales Representative
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Ultimate negotiating

Let customers transform carts into quotes, and then quotes into carts, no specific steps required but familiar negotiation

Explicit quotations

Manage products, their quantities, bundle price, taxes and more in a single backend form with really little effort

Easy tracking

Stay up to any updates to quotations with email notifications and multiple statuses on both front and backend

Give Chance to Negotiate to Your Loyal and Credible Magento 2 Customers

The Cart to Quote module from Aheadworks, an essential request-for-quote extension, is to support business negotiations, typical for the B2B scenarios, though frequent within the B2C too. The module facilitates customers' strive to get the precise and quantifiable product at the lowest possible price, as well as merchants' aspirations for higher profits, faster and larger sales. Furthermore, negotiations let parties experience the flexibility, generosity, and appreciation of each other, even if you are two big e-biz companies.

How Magento 2 Cart To Quote Works

On Buyer’s Side

Shoppers collect products either into Cart or Quote List and submit an RFQ, supporting it with a cover message. Further managing of quotes happens in My Account. When an agreement is reached, the quote is converted into Cart.

Cart to Quote
Add products to cart and convert it into a quotation. Write a covering letter, suggest details and attach files, if need be. Once submitted the quote is not available for altering, not until the reply comes.

Quote List to Quote
Due configuration arranged on the backend, customers will be able to add products from category and product pages to Quote List in the same fashion as to Cart, and have the former detached from the latter.
Statuses and updates
Check the status of current quotations, the comments to and history of negotiations of each listed quote. Decline, Buy (convert to cart) or suggest a counter-offer - all on the My Account page.
Quote to Cart
On approval of the quotation request by the admin, shoppers will see a corresponding quote status in My Quotes. They will then be able to turn the quote into cart and complete the purchase with the discount given.
On Merchant’s Side

Merchants have explicit control over the received RFQ’s. They comment on the decisions, set discounts, update products on the list and decide to approve, sell or decline the quote. The chosen action changes the status of the quote, which tells who’s turn is that to negotiate.

Discount calculator
Alter the quotation, so that it is both profitable for you and lucrative for the customer. Add products, change quantities; use %, numeric rebate or new total values to adjust the discount.

Easy quote management
Get a relevant status assigned to the quotation automatically on any updates to it made either by the admin or customer. Admins can set the expiration date and track changes to the quote.
Quote to Order
Get each “sold” from the backend quotation automatically converted to an order with a discounted price. This is when Admin is redirected to the relevant “Create New Order” page to finalize the deal.
Auto-approval of quotes
Enable the Quote Auto-Approval function and type-in a cover message to support customer notification. The quote will receive “Accepted” status, no discount implied, prompting the customer to either place an order against the quote or decline the offer.

Magento 2 Quote Extension Detailed Feature List

  Extension configuration
  • Quote list integrated into / detached from Shopping Cart
  • Auto-approval of quotes
  • RFQ restriction to selected customer groups
  • Specifying a default Sales Representative to manage quotes (integration with Sales Representative)
  • Quote expiration period
  • Multiple templates for notification on quote status
  • Quote expiration reminder
  • File attachment specification options
  Customer experience
  • 'Add to Quote' button next to 'Add to Cart'
  • Adding products to quote from product and category pages
  • Multiple products per quote
  • Quote List alike a Shopping Cart
  • File attachment support
  • Multiple corporate users may take part in negotiations (integration with Company Accounts)
  • Changing items order in the quote
  • Declining/renegotiating quotes
  • Alternating cession of control over quotes
  • Email notifications with quote preview
  • Exporting quotes into *.doc files
  Quote management page
  • Quote management page on back- and frontend
  • Quote totals block
  • Quote status
  • Order ID as an active link
  • Tax and shipping rates
  • Quote track history
  • Comments to quoteComments from multiple corporate users (integration with Company Accounts)
  Store admin experience
  • Creating quotes from backend
  • Selecting status for the quote
  • Specifying shipping details
  • Assigning quotes to sales representatives (integration with Sales Representative)
  • Reconfiguring products in a quote
  • Adding discounts per product
  • Discount calculator: % discount, numeric discount, new total price value
  • Product select filter
  • Commenting on quotes
  • Alternating cession of control over quotes
  • Accessing quotes via Web API
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  • 1.4.0
    Released 26.10.2020
    + Added feature to display Company Name in quote
    + Improvement of quote doc. exported file
    * Fixed issue with 'Quotes' grid filtering
    * Minor UI adjustments
    * Fixed issue with configurable products editing
    * Improved compatibility with Aheadworks B2B Company Accounts
    * Error occurs because of deprecated unparenthesized ternary operation
  • 1.3.1
    Released 01.04.2020
    * Fixed issue when products from wishlist aren't added to quote list
    * 'Add to Quote' button is not displayed at the edit page of the product in wishlist
  • 1.3.0
    Released 23.03.2020
    + Web API support
    + 'Auto-Acceptance of Quotes' option
    + 'Export of Quote(s) to .doc' feature on the frontend
    + Added Order ID information for Quote page (frontend&backend)
    + Sorting of quote items on frontend
    * 'Quote list' is not cleared upon a click on 'Request a quote' button
    * Error occurs after clicking 'Save items Order' button
    * Fixed issue when bundle product is duplicated in quote

  • 1.2.0
    Released 04.02.2020
    + Option to set a discount per product
    + Option to add products to quote from product and category pages
    + Separate 'Quote list' functionality (mini-cart, 'Add to Quote button')
    + Added quick view of a quote to email notifications
    + Customer group is displayed on Quote Page in backend
    * Error appears while trying to open not existing quote in Admin
  • 1.1.0
    Released 16.10.2019
    + Integration with Aheadworks Company Accounts
  • 1.0.0
    Released 12.09.2019
    * Initial release
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