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Store Locator for Magento 2 to Find Most Suitable Physical Locations

Mutual integration of online and physical stores today is absolutely common and requires merchants to settle the shopping experience within this business concept simply perfect.

Striving to provide only excellent services retailers closely integrate both channels and build a holistic model of sales allowing customers to easily move between online and offline stores and vice versa.

The Store Locator extension for Magento 2

If this is just about your business, you certainly need the Store Locator extension made for Magento 2 stores. With this extension you can offer customers freedom of choice while they select most suitable locations of your physical stores, offices, service facilities and other outlets online. Rich-content descriptions are able to provide customers with all necessary information from working hours and contact information to store pictures and links to their web sites.

Similar software is widely used by globally leading companies, including Apple, Walmart, UPS, etc. So, now our customers also have a chance to benefit from the same functionality since today we release the Store Locator extension for Magento 2 stores.

The Store Locator extension for Magento 2Store Locator Functionality

Store Locator for M2 helps customers find nearby locations in two ways: by addresses and radius searches. As far as the extension is integrated with Google Maps it provides the information clearly and via a familiar interface.

Fronted Features

Convenient Search Options
The module provides customers with two straightforward location search options: Search by Distance and Search by Address. The Search by Address option allows them to find store locations near a certain address. Customers just need to fill the address form and then get nearby suggestions.

Store Locator Search Options

Store Locator Search Options

In the case someone does not know the address exactly, he can take advantage of the Search by Distance option (default). Here a customer needs to provide his current location and search within a certain radius to get some destination location suggestions. This option is more advantageous for new customers without specific preferences.

tipsNote: Customers can inform Google about their current locations automatically using the Find My Location functionality.

Detailed Store Information
Immediately after Store Locator provides customers with location options, they can read all the information about these stores or offices, including pictures or links.

Locations Description and Google Map

Locations Description and Google Map

Google Maps Based Visualization
Store Locator is integrated with Google Maps allowing customers to visualize location positions and identify most optimal ways to get there.

Backend Features

Store Location Setup and Management
Firstly, you need to add locations in the backend filling them with all necessary information. For that you need to follow Content -> Store Locator by aheadWorks -> Locations. The Locations grid allows you to either add new locations or manage existing ones.

Locations Grid in Backend

Locations Grid in Backend

The provided functional opportunities enable you to filter and sort locations, add new columns to the grid, fulfill mass actions (delete, enable, disable multiple existing locations) and export the content of the grid to the CSV or XML formats.

General Settings
As soon as you need to add a new location you should click the Add New Location button. Within the General Information section the location status, title, country, state, city, street, zip code, phone, store view, description, sort order, location and Google map marker image should be specified. Still, only four fields are must-have, while all the rest ones are just optional.

Google Maps Settings
If your do not have an official address yet or it is not recorded in the Google Maps data set, you can add the marker using universal geographic coordinates of latitude and longitude from the Google Maps Settings section.


The Configuration section allows you to set up the basic behavior of the extension. From the General section you can enable the Store Locator page, define its title, URL key, enable the page link in top menu, specify the header CMS block, and fill the Google Maps API key.

Store Locator Configuration Section

Store Locator Configuration Section

Next you need to specify search radius options, default search radius and distance measurement units. And, the last section is SEO, where you can add Meta tags (keywords and Description) to the Store Locator page.


As you can see, Store Locator is a simple still valuable Magento 2 extension indispensable for omni-channel distributors, large B2B companies, or network retailers. You can try the above functionality in our demos and purchase this extension in our Magento 2 store.

Learn more from the Store Locator Readme.