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How to Visually Present Product Offers in a Web Store

Being introduced to customers in the right way, e-commerce product offers do not just improve visual appearance of a web store, rather, they give additional promotional opportunities to merchants.

How to Visually Present Product Offers in a Web Store

In one of the previous articles, we’ve already discussed such a powerful offer presentation tool as popup windows. Today, we will cover some other beneficial ways to present product offers on retail website pages with the help of Aheadworks extensions. So, let’s begin with some statistics.

Why Visual?

As a web store owner, you might promote your offers through traditional advertising means such as email newsletters, paid ads, and so on.

But, let’s take a look at a couple of figures proving the necessity of constant on-site promotion in the form of banner sliders, related product blocks, and add-to-cart popups to be discussed later in this very article:

    • 72% of online shoppers interact with banner sliders on retail website pages;


    • More to it, 23% of them zoom sliders in to view the presented info in more detail;


    • And, on average, 60-70% of loyal consumers are more inclined to repeatedly make purchases (in case they are properly motivated to do so).

We’ve already stated that on-site product offers contribute to the overall visual appearance of a web store. Moreover, for 93% of shoppers, an attractive look of a web store plays a crucial role when making purchasing decisions.

Keeping all this in mind, let’s explore several product offer types each of which can be fruitfully implemented in your store and again prove the above figures.

Banner Sliders

Banners with rotating images are a good way to deliver marketing messages with product offers to visitors since they immediately catch eye.

You might experiment with different banner types by adding, say, in-page and widescreen banners with custom images and animation effects to main, product, and category pages of a website.

For better audience reach, one should consider creating banners for distinct categories, customer groups, and even store views. This way, you will be guaranteed that your banners will be visible to target visitors.

Still, this banner slider precision might not be limited to just audience targeting. Think about scheduling your banner sliders for particular time periods when they should be displayed on site pages.

With the Rich Banner Slider extension for Magento 2, you can do all this. On the backend area, you can manage all the created banner sliders from one place and then monitor the stats on each individual one.

Related Product Blocks

Besides banner slides, you might exploit such visual presentation means as related product blocks on your retail website. This way, your customers will get promotional offers during their browsing across store pages.

In order to increase your sales chances, think about providing related purchase offers for particular products in the catalog (most likely, for the most frequently bought ones).

Additionally, try experimenting with block positions of your related products. For example, you can place the block, say, at the top of a particular product page and after a while analyze its performance by viewing the number of views, clicks, and click-through-rates.

Next, you can place the same block, say, at the bottom of the shopping cart page and then compare the stats with the previous performance.

Again, think about adjusting your related product offers to particular store views and customer groups to ensure full audience coverage.

With the Automatic Related Products extension for Magento 2, you can visually present your product offers in the form of related product blocks triggered by individual and flexible rules.

Thanks to the provided rule sets, you can determine for which products the block should be displayed, how it should look like (block layout), specify the number of rows, product sorting logic, the maximum number of items to display, etc (block design customization).

Add-to-cart Popups

Lastly, we will discuss one more way to visually present additional sales offers. Remember that product promotions are not just about choosing the right location and on-page position of your advertisements. It’s also about choosing the right moment.

Earlier in the article, we pointed out the importance of scheduling product offers, in our case, banner sliders. Besides this, the point when customers are to see your offer might be the moment when they add a particular product to the shopping cart.

By integrating the Automatic Related Products (ARP) module with the AJAX Cart Pro extension for Magento 2, you can present additional sales offers right in add-to-cart popups.

More to it, popups can be configured for particular product groups, and offers; can be presented in accordance with the flexible rules provided by the ARP extension.


Of course, the scope of highlighted product offer presentation solutions is far from complete. Still, we covered the most efficient ones able to bring you desired conversions. And, you can use one of those or even all at once to get the maximum sales effect in your store.